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Are There Specific Elfin Holidays that the Elves Celebrate?

"We, for our part, celebrate nearly everything that involves
delicious and free food, drink, presents and/or a good time." 

     These elves don’t have particular Elfin holidays that we celebrate, although there are other elves who do, either following the seasonal holidays of the pagan folk or following the seasonal celebrations that Tolkien outlined for the elven in his works (such as the elves of Tië eldaliéva, as the Elven Spiritual Path do). And surely there is great magic in doing so. These elves, the Silver Elves, follow the Elven Way and are certainly not a religion nor do we follow any particular religion (although Elves in general are a varied people and many choose to also follow a religion of one kind or another, even invent new ones within a more Elven Faith or New Age Faith). One might observe that we are "elven wilde" or "elven free," and, for our part, celebrate nearly everything that involves delicious and free food, drink, presents and/or a good time. We do birthdays, Yule (have we mentioned that we love the great Elf Santa) and Halloween and usually Lupercolia (we also love our brother Pan). Our elven custom for celebrating birthdays is that one gets to celebrate their birthday a day for each year they are old. So this makes getting older such a pleasure and if you have enough people in your elven family, then you will be celebrating someone's birthday all year around.

     We also do national holidays for our nation or someone else’s nation, particularly Independence Days for our sisters and brothers of any free nation. And if they happen to be visiting us at that time, we will certainly celebrate any national holiday of their country that they wish. In fact, we even love to celebrate people coming to visit us. We will even help people celebrate their religious holidays as long as they don’t involve us fasting, beating ours’Elves with sticks or going around looking somber pretending to be religious and spiritual. Generally, the only time we celebrate with people like that is when they go away. We are also known to celebrate the New Year a number of times each year according to the Gregorian calendar, and also according to South and Southeast Asian calendars.
     However, we Silver Elves are fairly eclectic and improvisational folk. We celebrate when the opportunity presents itself. And many of our celebrations come spontaneously as a result of the completion of some elf project or creative work or of an impromptu gathering of elf kin or of around a natural phenomenon. Once a full moon magical circle we had turned into a week long healing gathering and celebration of elven spirits during an unexpected natural flood that kept us housebound for seven days. And while many of our elven celebrations are impromptu, at the same time we know that there are other elves who may wish for a bit more structure on their path. What we say is think for yours’Elf and create your own way, which works well for us; but others, particularly those who are beginning on the path and struggling to emerge from the pressure to conform to traditional society, may need or certainly desire a little more structure than we provide. And we understand that. We just don’t have that structure to offer (although we do give suggestions for magical rituals and ceremonies in many of our books on The Elven Way including The Book of Elven Magick, Book 1 & 2). Stability, yes we do offer, for we are wilde spirited elves who have been around and with you in this lifetime for decades and will surely be here for you in many more lifetimes to come. But structure is just not in our elven nature. We provide inspiration for creativity. The creation of structure, we leave to other of our kindred.

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on a moonlit night),
The Silver Elves

Elven Star Day!

"Being an elf is an organic thing. Even if there were no books to read or stories that tell of us in the modern media, we'd still know ours'elves to be elves, perhaps by a different name, but elves none-the-less. So, too, we have a holiday, so to speak, called Elven Star Day. Elven Star Day doesn't occur on a particular date each year, as most holidays do. It isn't even based upon a somewhat floating calendar, the way that Easter, Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year are. Rather, an elf will wake up one morning and hear a voice whisper, "It's Elven Star Day!" or perhaps they will just feel this strongly or sense it in their intuition and then for seven days they will meditate on each one of the points of the seven-pointed Elven Star and see what it reveals to them as well as sending out elven blessings into the world. Perhaps, we should call it Elven Star Week, but we're elves."
—The Silver Elves

"Elves love holidays and celebrations.
We love Halloween, Yule, birthdays and anniversaries.
But our very favorite day to celebrate is called Today."
— From Elf Quotes: 
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 "Every dawn is a doorway to a new part of Faerie"

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"To the Elves, Santa Claus is a great elven lord. How do we know he is an elf? He's surrounded by elves! How do we know he's a great lord? He gives gifts so generously! Who but an elf would be joyously surrounded by elves? And who but a great elven lord would give so much without asking for anything in return? Except perhaps that you re-gift as generously as you got and live in the elven spirit of the holidays."
—The Silver Elves

If you are elves, why don’t you have pointed ears?

"Our bodies die and fade, changing from lifetime to lifetime, but our character endures and informs our being throughout incarnati...