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What’s the Difference Between Elves and Faeries? What Are Fae?

 "We could say, tongue in cheek, the difference between elves and faeries is that
'Fairies Fly and Elves Levitate!'"

       The following are two excerpts from The Magical Realms of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elfand Following the Elven Path by The Silver Elves and we are publishing them here particularly for our Fae friends on our Facebook group United Otherkin Alliance and your discussion on What are the differences between elves and faeries? and What are fae? This is an open group so all interested folk are welcome to join in friendly discussion and sharing:

What are the differences between Elves and Faeries?

      While both elves and fairies are fae, we are different tribes, actually a variety of different tribes as there are different tribes of both elves and of fairies. And this is not even counting the varieties of pixies, brownies and other related kindred. And we are a diversifying people as well, which means that as we evolve into the future, more and more types and tribes of elves and faeries will emerge.
      This is similar to the Celtic peoples, who came after us, who were also not one people, but a vast variety of tribes that shared a common culture. The word Keltoi, itself, comes from the Greeks and was not the name those various peoples called themselves but a name given to them by outsiders. And it should be noted that while they shared a culture, they did not all speak the same language. Interestingly, and germane to our topic, Tolkien’s elves also spoke different languages and variations on those languages. In the modern world, of course, elves and faeries, for the most part, are raised within the framework of other ‘normal’ cultures and thus speak the language of their upbringing and sometimes the lingua franca of our times.
      We could say, tongue in cheek, the difference between elves and faeries is that “Fairies Fly and Elves Levitate.” Since faerie folk tend to love to wear faerie wings as a symbol of their culture and we elves depend upon our spirits to uplift us. Our own tendency, of course, is not to love faerie wings so much as pointed ears. But then saying, “Fairies fly and Elves listen pointedly” just isn’t as clever, is it?
      We have observed that modern faeries, those in human bodies, are often more easily accepted in the world than most of we elven brothers and sisters. Fairies, even though they are considered by others to be “airy” or “flighty” (there is even a term in academic circles of being “airy fairy”), are often really adept in business matters and this enables them to move with greater facility in the world than we elves do. As it is, we elves are frequently more outcast and do not fit as smoothly into the world. And usually we elves do not care to merge into the world if we have to change ours’elves to do it. We prefer the freedom to express ours’elves more than we hunger for acceptance or financial success.
      Of course, one might have both elven and faerie within hir, as we are a varied people and combinations of fae being and spirit are more common than not. There are surely those who like to flaunt their pure elven blood, but the reality of the elfin is that we are seldom actually snobbish, tend to be sensually inclined and find all manner of folk beautiful and thus intermingling with others is more likely to occur than not among the elfin. Although, this is probably true of the faerie folk as well and in that way we are rather alike. Some might say we are easy, but it would be more true to say we are easy when we wish to be.
      It is important to understand that while the faerie folk make quite a show of being flighty and unreliable at times, this is mostly just a pose. This is a glamour they use to move through the world and they can be just as intent and dedicated to their designs as the elven. While we elven often seem aloof and snobbish, even arrogant to outsiders, we are really quite warm-hearted most of the time, simply, for the most part, a little more inclined toward introversion than the often extroverted faeries, but this is just a generalization and the real difference between elves and faeries is even to be found in the difference between an individual elf and an individual faerie. Generalizations are a convenience but they seldom encompass the whole truth and quite often obscure it. And we elves ever strive to differentiate our preconceptions from reality and to judge each individual as an individual, and in our experience individuals always surprise us.

What Are Fae?

      Others may have different definitions but when these elves use the word fae we mean to encompass most of the inhabitants of Faerie. This, of course, includes the faeries themselves, but also pixies, brownies, fee, fey, leprechauns and nearly every other manner of faerie folk, including the Shining Ones, the Tuatha de Danann, the Sidhe in their various forms and many others. Even we elves are fae in our way. And naturally, we include the merfolk, the selkies, the sea sprites, the wood sprites, the sea nymphs, the wood nymphs, the dryads, the centaurs, the satyrs and many other folk, which in that sense would also include Tolkien’s Ents. How about hobbits? Are they fae? We’d think so, but a very brownie like fae, a very homebody sort.
      The question is, however, at least for us, do we include some of the denizens of the darker realms of Faerie, the Unseelie folk, the trolls, orcs, goblins, grimlens, giants and others of darker sorts? Honestly, we don’t know. We don’t wish to exclude them, unless they wish to be excluded. We are related to some of them both by blood and marriage from long ages past. They are our kindred even if they are the sort of folks one is sometimes embarrassed to admit that one is related. And remember that certainly not all of the folk of the darker realms are evil. And while we don’t tend to share the view of humanity as a whole that many of these folk have, nor their propensity to prey on others, as is the case with some of them, nor even with their religious, social or political views, nor their views on gender and the place of women in society, nor their prejudices concerning other races, we are willing to share a family meal with them in elfin frasority and kindreth. We are cousins, after all, even if it is just kissing cousins, and we are surely not inclined to kiss them in most cases.
      And that’s the point really, we never exclude anyone who wishes to be a part of Faerie and makes the effort to attune to that vast and wondrous realm. We surely could not exclude them from Faerie itself, but neither would we exclude them from our own hearts and understanding of Faerie. Only those who do not wish to acknowledge Faerie are excluded from it. But really, when it comes down to it, each must decide for hir own s’elf whether sHe is of the fae or not.
      If some goblin, for instance, came up to us and said, sHe was not fae, we’d accept that as fact. On the other hand, if another goblin came up to us and stated that sHe was fae, we’d accept that as well, thinking then that we had encountered two different types of goblin, the fae and unfae. This, alas, has never happened, but still it is possible.
      We don’t present our definitions as absolutes, merely as indications of how we are using a particular word, phrase or term. We believe it the right of every person and every people to define they own s’elves or selves, but it is also their obligation in doing so to live up to those definitions as best they are able. Calling ones’elf an elf, doesn’t make one elven, but living one’s life as an elf, does. At least, this is true in the realms of magic and Elfin and Faerie, and they are in the long run the only realms that really matter to us.

The Silver Elves
If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves and elven kin, then you will surely find The Magical Realms of Elfin to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the magical realms of Elfin. 

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"....not to say that elves came before faeries or faeries before elves,
but that the modern conception of elves is much more ancient than
the notion that is currently popular concerning faerie folk."
Many of the questions about the Elven Way that our Fae friends ask us are answered in our book The Magical Realms of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path by The Silver Elves. We have published some of the articles in this book on this blog site and also others on our sister blog: Silver Elves blog site on Word Press
You may wish to Click Here to find out more about this book on our Silver Elves website and how to purchase it.

Below you will find the complete table of contents to The Magical Realms of Elfin.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1:
“First Questions” About Elves
What does it mean to be an elf and follow the Elven Path?
Is the Elven Way a religion?
What does it mean to awaken to our true Elven Nature?
What is the difference between Elfin and Faerie?
How do The Silver Elves relate to Tolkien?
How do I know what sort of elf I am?
How do I become a Silver Elf?
Could there be an elven cult?
Is there anything that all elves have in common?
If you are elves, why don't you have pointed ears?
How do you know if a person is an elf or faerie or pixie or whatever?
What are fae?
Are elves Indigos?
Do people who believe they are elves suffer from Schizotypal Disorder?
Are people who think they are elves and faeries crazy?
Is there one term for elves, faeries and otherkin?
Elfin, Faerie or Elfland?
What’s the difference between elves and faeries?
Who are the half elves?
Are there really diminutive Fae Folk?
Are elves related to angels?

Chapter 2:
Elven Magic
What is Elven Magic?
What is rainbow magic that the Silver Elves often speak about?
Do elves do ceremonial magick?
Do elves do ritual magic?
What is the difference between “Magical Thinking” and superstition?
Do elves curse people?
What do the Silver Elves think of Using Reiki in their Magic?
What is the Orb of Healing?
Are all elves mystics?
How do you give Elven Blessings?

Chapter 3:
More About Who the Elves Are
How can an elf be born from a man, pixie, etc.?
Are there any real and absolute physical characteristics of being Elven?
Is being an elf a matter of blood of genetic heritage?
Are we born to be elves?
Are all elves tall?
Are all elves thin?
Are elves healthier than other people?
Do elves age less quickly than normal humans?
Do elves sweat?
Are all elves white?
Are elves always androgynous?
Do elves have enhanced senses?
Are elves hypersexual?
Do elves have facial hair? Are elves ever bald?
Is there a point at which one is too old to be an elf?
Are elves politically liberal?
Are Elves Nature Spirits?

Chapter 4:
Elven Awakening
How important is the Awakening compared to Perseverance of the Elven Way?
What are the different modes of Awakening?
Once an awakened elf are you always an awakened elf?
What is a Reawakening?

Chapter 5:
How The Silver Elves Are Alike and Different From Other Spiritual Practices

What’s the difference between elves and Pagans? Do The Silver Elves follow an“Elven Faith?”
What’s the difference between elves and witches?
Is Christianity incompatible with being elves?
Can elves be atheists?
Do elves believe in past lives?
Do elves interact with teraphim?
Do elves interact with Genii Loci?
Are the Elves the same or different from the Djinn?
What do the elves think of the Illuminati?
Are elves related to Devas?
Is the sphere of Netzach specifically related to Elves?
Are Elves New Age or different?

Chapter 6:
The Past and Future of Elves
How far back in history do elves and the original “Elven Faith” go?
Are elves from Pleiades?
Who came first, elves or faeries?
Is it the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And who first adopted the seven-pointedstar as the Elf Star and what does it mean?
Are the legends true that say elves kidnap people?
What will happen to us if humanity destroys itself?
Are elves the people of the future?

Chapter 7:
How Elves Relate to Other People
Why are elves born into the normal world?
What say the elves about living in the world of the unawakened?
Do you tell all people you meet that you are elves?
Where do you find kindred fae?
How does an elf find friends?
How do you deal with individuals who pretend they are more spiritually evolved or more magically adept than they really are?
Do elves hate dwarves?
So if elves are born elven, are orcs born to be orcs as well?
Is it necessary that we elves be forever in conflict with orcs, goblins and grimlens?
What do elves feel about transgender individuals?
Who are the Elf Friends?

Chapter 8:
Elven Lifestyle
Are elves vegetarian?
What’s the elfin view on wearing fur?
What do the Silver Elves think of people who wear fake wings to be like faeries?
What do the Silver Elves think of those who wear fake elf ears?
Are there specific elfin holidays that the Silver Elves celebrate?
How do elven communities govern themselves?
Do they have kings and queens?
What do elves think of body modification?

Chapter 9:
The Language of the Silver Elves:
Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)
Do The Silver Elves speak Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)?
How do The Silver Elves create the elf names they gift to others?
Does knowing a person’s true name really give you power over hir (him/her)?
What do you do with your elf name?

Chapter 10:
Oracles of The Silver Elves
What oracles do the elves use? Part 1: Tarot
Beside the tarot what other sort of oracles do elves use? Part 2: I Ching
What oracles do elves use? Part 3: Runes
What oracles do elves use? Part 4: Geomancy
What oracles do elves use? Part 5: The Elven Star Oracle
What oracles do elves use? Part 6: Miscellaneous
What oracles do elves use? Part 7: Magic the Gathering
What oracles do elves use? Part 8: Necromancy

Chapter 11:
Other Miscellaneous Questions About Being an Elf

Does iron burn elves?
Do elves have green thumbs?
Do elves prefer gardens or wild places?
Do Silver Elves only exist in Dungeons and Dragons books?
What would you say to an elf in prison?
Do Elves really follow their Dreams?
It is true that Seelie Elves cannot lie?
Do the elves love poetry?
What is the difference between Elven and Elvish?

Chapter 12:
The Silver Elves Books
What book by The Silver Elves should I start with?
What book of yours is best if I’m interested in …?
Part 1: Magic
Part 2: Elven Philosophy
Part 3: Elven Lifestyle
Part 4: Divination
Part 5: The Elf Queen’s Daughters
What about the accusation that the Silver Elves books are a mish-mash of cultural appropriation?
Are all The Silver Elves’ books unique and original writing?
Why do you use the royal “we” when writing? 

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