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Do You Need to be in Wild Nature to be Attuned to your Elven Soul and Spirit?


"Elves seek each other in the world not only because we are lonely without our kindred but because we know that Elfin resides in each of us and is born of our union." 

by The Silver Elves 

Being in wild Nature can surely inspire one and one’s elfin spirit. Elfin and Faerie, while they are often projected and portrayed as being rather wild and there is some truth to that, are primarily a cultural phenomenon. While Nature surely evokes our sense of Elfin and Faerie and our own elfin and faerie-ness, it does so mostly because it takes us away from the mortar and concrete worlds of men that are so organically dead. Nature is alive and radiant and when we are in Nature we can absorb and be healed by its radiance. The world of Men and the Normal folk, on the other hand, being mostly lifeless, sucks energy from you. Nature has its own ambience. The world of Men and the normal folk gains ambience from the people and events that have passed or occurred there. Nature projects energy, the artificial world absorbs it. This is the same, in essence, as the fact that the various statues (over 500 of them) that we Silver Elves have in our eald can serve as teraphim, which is to say houses for various elfin spirits that abide with us (see our book Eldafaryn: True Tale fo Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves) .

And yet, while it is wonderful to be surrounded by Nature and to live in harmony with Nature, most Elfae culture stems from our interactions in the world. It comes from books, movies, television shows and computers, mobile phones, etc. and in ancient times from stories told around the fire and from oral traditions passed on over generations. And, of course, and most importantly from encountering and interacting with each other and being our own true s'elf. Elves seek each other in the world not only because we are lonely without our kindred but because we know that Elfin resides in each of us and is born of our union. Faerie and Elfin are an artifact of culture and community and that’s just a fact.

At the same time, who of us of elfae nature and spirit doesn’t desire a closer connection to wild Nature, for we are part of Nature? The truth is we wish to live in both worlds, to integrate the two and have them blend harmoniously. Our efforts to manifest Faerie and Elfin upon the Earth through our lives is very much an effort to create a world and culture that is in harmony with Nature and yet retains everything of value in the modern world and surely as it evolves in positive ways into the future. Like mankind in that way, we elfae want it all. Unlike men who say you can’t have it all, we know we can.

And our goal of Elfin manifest is very much in keeping with the Biblical idea of the Garden of Eden and the Earthly Paradise that is promised at the End of the World (see our books Jesus Christ Elf Lord: The Faerie Foundations of Christianity, book one and also book two). A world where the lion lays down with the lamb and doesn’t have him for supper.

We continue on in our own elvish realms, in adoration of Nature and yet very happy to be at this moment in the relative safety of our eald writing this and not having to look over our shoulder to see if some hungry animal is coming along our path. Not that the world of Men is not a dangerous place. It is, as has been pointed out, an ‘asphalt jungle’. Yet, if we had to live in the world of wild Nature, we would do our best as our ancestors did and make the best of it that we can. After all, that’s what they did and they created this world in an effort of improve their lives and ours. In some ways, it is closer to Faerie and Elfin and our more paradisaical world, but still we have a long way to go before those worlds are achieved. And while we shall carry on the work as long as we can, others hopefully will carry it on along with us and others yet will do so after we have gone from this incarnation, continuing on down through the ages.

So, no you don’t have to be in wild Nature to attune to one’s elvish soulful spirit, but it surely can help.

The Silver Elves



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“The closer we get to Elfin
the more magical the world becomes.
Like the dawn, we see the light that heralds its coming
before we can see the sun.”
—The Silver Elves


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Happy Elven Star Day today on 7.7.7

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 Section 9: The Language of the Silver Elves: Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)

Do The Silver Elves speak Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)?

How do The Silver Elves create the Elf Names they Gift to Others? And Does Knowing a Person’s True Name Really Give You Power Over Hir (him/her)?

Section 10: What Oracles do The Silver Elves use?

—Elves and Tarot

—Elves and the I Ching

—Elven Runes (the original runes of the Silver Elves)

—Elven Geomancy

—The Elven Star Oracle (an original oracle system of the Silver Elves)

—Other Original Silver Elves Oracles

Section 11: Other Miscellaneous Questions About Being an Elf and Elven Perspectives

What Do Elves Think of Psychiatry, Psychology and Modern Therapists?

What Say the Elves about the question ‘Does one need to suffer to learn compassion?’

How Does it Feel to Write from the Perspective of Elves? What about the Silver Elves Books and Cultural Appropriations? 

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Are Rocks Truly Gateways to the Otherworlds of the Elfin and Faerie Realms?

From an Elven Perspective: Could One have been an Elemental in a Past Life?

"A Crystal is a Million Stars United," an excerpt from The Magical Elven Love Letters by The Silver Elves

Section 12: What are some of the newest Silver Elves Books?

Magical Books by The Silver Elves on The Elven Way, Magic and Enchantment, Elven Oracles, and Elven Lifestyle

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Answers to Questions about Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path

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Using Art-Making for Evoking Elfin Magic and Living the Elven Way

An Elfin Book of Trees for the Elven Druid:
The Ogham of the Elves Using Elvish Wizard Script

The New Dawn of Elfin:
Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 3



Elves, Faeries, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: 
More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk

Beyond Death: 


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Elfae Tribes: 
The People of Faerie

Visions of Elfin: 
Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 4.

The Elves Believe:
A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Koans by The Silver Elves About Magic and The Elven Way, Volume 3

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How to Make a Faerie Lay


What An Elf Would Do, Too: 
Book Two of a Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk


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"The Moon Elves say the moon speaks of past lives and ancient times 

and secrets stored in our subconscious waiting to be revealed."

Quote from Moon Elves: Their Customs and Their Magic

Elven Blessings Dear Kindred, from the Eald of The Silver Elves 



If you are elves, why don’t you have pointed ears?

"Our bodies die and fade, changing from lifetime to lifetime, but our character endures and informs our being throughout incarnati...