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Do We Elfae Have Any Rules to Follow? Which Ones Are They?



     We elfae do have rules to follow but the vast majority of them are unspoken rules that one has to figure out for ones'elf. And, these are not rules, really, so much as guidelines. For life is ever changing and one must be flexible and adaptable in dealing with it if one is to be successful in the wondrous and fair ways that are the hallmarks of being elfae. By fair here, we mean both being beautiful and elegance, creating beauty and elegance in the world, enjoying the beauty and elegance of the world but also being fair, what some might call just, in all that we do. Although, fairness is not so much about justice for we elven, per se, as it is about being in balance with ours'elves, our others and with Nature overall.

     However, there are three simple rules for all elfae folk that have been illuminated by the ancient sages and they are as follows:

     1. There are no rules.

     This rule has to do with the fact that each elfae must decide for their individual s'elf what their duty is as an elfae being and do their best to fulfill that duty. It is by assuming responsibility for our own s'elves and our own actions that we gain significance as free elfae spirits in the Universe and gain autonomy over ours'elves.

     This is very important for us as magic wielders, which in our case usually means enchanters. If we fail to assume responsibility for our lives and what has become of our people, spend our time whining and complaining about what Men have done and that they continue to do ignorant and greedy things both to us and their own s'elves, then we are giving them all the power. And they have shown, quite clearly, that they do not deserve it. We need to accept that the current situation in the world is not due to our actions so much as our inability to act. We are not now and were not powerful enough in the past to prevent what they have done, but we must accept and assume responsibility now so we may gain in power and do what is right and fair of the Earth and all beings. The situation is not our fault but it does reveal a lack of power on our part and this we must mend without becoming like them and falling into the same traps that they have. Unfortunately, as Men tell us power tends to corrupt. Although, truly great power has mastered the tendency toward the abuse of power.

     2. If you think it should be done, do it yours'elf.

     There are, alas, many folks in the world who have an inclination to tell others what they should do while they themselves do nothing. If you don't like the way things are, don't tell others they are doing things wrong, do things right yours'elf and set an example by your doing so. We once had a woman visiting us who thought we should call the police on a neighbor she saw doing something she didn't like. We told her that we weren't going to call the police but would deal with the situation in another fashion. She was not happy with our response and again told us we should call the police. However, she happened to be standing right next to the phone when she said this and we pointing this out, telling her she was free to call the police if that's what she thought should be done. But, of course, she didn't do so because she was trying to guilt us into doing something that she, herself, didn't have the courage to do. If you think it should be done, do it yours'elf.

     3. See rule #1. There are no rules.

     It is not our place to tell others what they should do. There are no rules to follow and we can but offer our own example from our lives and suggestions that we have that might prove relevant and helpful to others. There is no one in authority who can say who is or isn't an elf or faeire but there are actions that move one closer to Elfin and Faerie and to one's essential elfae being. And also, actions or behaviors, and sometimes beliefs, that distance one from those realms and make them more difficult to manifest. But, in the long run of things, each elfae is going to have to figure that out for their own s'elves. Although, here's a hint, observe and follow the example of those who seem to you to be advanced and enlightened elfae.

     So, those are the rules. We wish everyone luck in following them as best they may.

The Silver Elves 

"The Way to Elfin is found on the Path
That weaves through the Misty Forest 
That lives between the Mountain of Vision 
And the River of Reality."

by The Silver Elves

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Faerie Magic . . . . 
"Faerie magic is hedge magic. It's garden magic, too. 
It's magic of the thickets and the misty morning dew. 
It springs up with the wild flowers and moss in forest vales 
and ivy climbing up the walls and ferns so light and frail. 
It's found where morning coffee brews and teas in afternoon,
and if it hasn't found you yet it surely will so soon."
— by The Silver Elves

To learn more about the Elven Way and Spiritual Path, you may enjoy reading:
The Elven Way: The Magical Path of The Shining Ones

“The Elven Way passes beyond the fields of the known
into the forest of the unknown illuminated by the glow of the elves.” 
—The Silver Elves

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 9 of 
The Elven Way: 
The Magical Path of The Shining Ones
By The Silver Elves


Available on Amazon US:
and Amazon UK:

Levels of Initiations

"The Initiations are linked to the chakras and to the seven rays of manifestation and by examining the influences of these aspects one can come to understand the process of our development."

1.    "The First Initiation is at its root connected to the urge to survive that is linked with the first chakra. For the elf, this means not only developing financial independence in the world, but first and foremost, developing a sense of the independence, a sense of s’elf worth, and the right to think for ones’elf, to choose one’s own direction. Thus in time this initiation also leads to the growth of leadership abilities. By that we do not necessarily mean authority, which is to say power over others, but becoming an example, an exemplar, that inspires others to pursue their own elven path. The first initiation gives one a basic grip on making a living in the world, of supporting ones’elf; however, it should be noted that for some advanced adepts, the Shining Ones temporarily take care of this aspect by sending others to provide the support the elf needs to fulfill hir particular mission."

2.     "The Second Initiation is in its lowest level about making contact and connection with others. It demands the most basic ability to cooperate with others and fulfills the need that nearly all individuals experience to interact with other beings. It develops into the power to draw others toward one. Thus it involves the development of attraction, particularly but not exclusively erotic attraction for it also involves the energy by which one requires and attains friends, allies and companions on the Way. After the elf awakens, discovers hir [our elven word for 'his or her'] true nature and confirms hir right to pursue hir own direction in life, sHe [our elven word for 'he or she'] almost immediately hungers to share this with others like hir and therefore actively seeks hir kindred. This second initiation establishes hir power to succeed in that quest. In its higher aspects this power develops into compassion and true and unattached love, which is to say love without expectation."

3.   "The Third Initiation involves an expansion of power. It also involves the acquisition of knowledge. The elf believes in hir path and pursues it with hir kindred, now sHe desires and begins to demand to get at least basic recognition from others on other spiritual paths. To do this, however, sHe finds sHe has to acquire the knowledge to explain the path in a way that these others will comprehend, as well as, explain it to other elves who are also seeking. What is the Elven Way? How is it distinguished from various religions, and how does one follow, or pursue, this path? Thus the elven adept becomes increasingly able to answer these questions, establish hir own eald in the world, and create a secure place for the kindred to live and gather? To do this sHe often delves deeply into the magical, religious, mystical, spiritual, occult, and esoteric traditions from cultures all over the world, eclectically adapting everything of value to hir own needs and transforming all into hir elven understanding."

4.     "The Fourth Initiation follows the work of the third initiation of synthesizing all one encounters into an understanding of the world and of Faerie. This fourth initiation is harmonizing in nature. It understands that all differences are differences of appearance and essential for the value of aesthetics and that beneath all things the Universe is One. The elf sees the Universe and the world as a full palette of colors with each culture and every dimension contributing to the infinite possibility of the beauty of creation. The impulse of this fourth level is both one of blending and creativity, and it is here that the elven adept firmly begins to express hir own unique contribution to elven philosophy, lore and, in time, history."

5.     "The Fifth Initiation introduces the elven adept to the more subtle dimensions of the Shining Ones and the elf begins to truly specialize, that is plunge in depth into the aspects and powers that sHe has, heretofore, been exploring. SHe finds that all the skills and talents sHe has been developing heretofore merge into a unique talent, or really style, that is her very own. SHe takes hir place among the planetary builders and maintainers, or among the great teachers, scientists or inventors of humanity, and begins to affect the consciousness of the human race as a whole. SHe becomes a shaper of worlds." 

6.     "The Sixth Initiation finds the elven adept harmonizing hir creation with other creations. Hir eald takes its place, shall we say in an intimate and loving fashion, among the other realms of Faerie. At this point the elf is beyond what we normally think of as human, and functions in dimensions that are in many ways only tenuously connected to the mundane plane. However, these adepts are connected and oversee the development of the Sixth Root Race, which is an elven race more on the lines of the nearly immortal elves that Tolkien envisioned. They also oversee the sixth-sub race of the fifth root race, the precursor to the sixth root race (and in fact every sixth sub-race), which is just now beginning to manifest on the earth bringing Elven light and magic into the world." 

7.     "With the Seventh Initiation one truly enters the realm of the Shining Ones, those angelic elven beings of light who are pure sentient energy. These individuals oversee the future of evolution but in such a distant time and fashion that they are beyond our understanding without extending our minds intuitively beyond the limitations of the mundane world entirely. They might be conceived of as pure light, pure love, and pure being. They are unique stars in the starry universe. They oversee the evolution of the seventh root race, those being who will gradually become beings of light, and therefore also oversee the development of the seventh sub-race of every previous root race, which are the precursors for the seventh root race."
—from Chapter 9 of The Elven Way: The Magical Path of The Shining Ones The Silver Elves 

(Please feel free to reprint the above for your use if you like, but please do reference The Silver Elves and their book The Elven Way as the source if you share it.)

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A Complete List of Our Silver Elves Blog Articles (with links) on the Elven Way, Elven Magic and Enchantment, Elven Lifestyle and On Being An Elf (over 150 articles) 

Below, you will see that we have collected a list of all our Silver Elves articles so far on our blog sites on both Wordpress and Blogspot. Our articles are sponsored by questions we have been asked about the Elven Way over the decades since 1975 by our elfae brothers and sisters as well as more recently on Facebook in our groups and private messages . If you have questions that you do not see answered here, then you are free to join one of our FB groups and ask your question or private message us on FB or just ask your question in the comment section of this blog article and we will be happy to do our best to address it in a future article. Also, we do have four question and answer books, The Magical Realms of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path Manifesting Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 2 The New Dawn of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 3and Visions of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 4
that have many more questions answered about the Elven Way and being an elf. You can click on the book title above to go see the table of contents in each book to check if your questions are contained within these books.

Section 1: “First Questions” Often Asked About Elves

What Does It Mean To Be An Elf and Follow the Elven Path?

Is the Elven Way a religion?

How Do I Find Out About my Elfae/Otherkin Tribe? And If I feel that I'm some sort of Otherkin but don't know what kind, what should I do?

What Kind of Elf, Fae, or Otherkin Are you? What is Your Elf Tribe? Take the Silver Elves Questionnaire (and we will Gift to you a Magical Narrative)!

How Do We Know We Are Elven or Otherkin? And Why Do Elfae and Otherkin Not Always Know our Kin Type when Newly Awakened to Being Other?

Does Being Elven or Otherkin Make it Harder to Live in Human Bodies?

Want to be Gifted an Elf Name in Arvyndase, the Magical Language of the Silver Elves?

Can We Become Elves?

Is There Anything that All Elves have in Common?

If You are Elves, Why Don’t You Have Pointed Ears?

Are Elves Indigos?

Do People Who Believe They Are Elves Suffer from Schizotypal Disorder?

Why Do We Call Ourselves The Silver Elves?

What’s the Difference Between Elves and Faeries?

How Does an Elf Live in a World of Normal Folk?

Can One Be Both an Elf and a Faerie?

What do the elves think of Santa Claus?

Why are Elves so Few and Far Between?

Do We Elves and Other Elfae Folk Tend to Travel and Migrate a Lot?


 Section 2: Elven Magic

What is Elven Magic?

What is Rainbow Magic that The Silver Elves Often Speak About?

How Often Do Elves Do Magic?

Do Elves Do Ceremonial Magick?

What Do the Silver Elves Think of Using Reiki in their Magic?

Why Do Elven Witches Call their Covens "Vortexes"?

What is the Magic of Being an Elf? And Why is Magic Slower to Manifest on the Material Plane?

What Can We Do To Help Manifest Elfin in this Material World?  

What Are our Elven Instincts and How do we use them in our Elfin Magic?

How do Elves Effectively Interact with The Shining Ones?

Can our Silver Elves oracle book Sticks and Stones, Feathers, Charms and Bones be used for magic?

Want to be Gifted an Elven Spell from The Silver Elves to Help You in Your Life?

Section 3: More About Who the Elves Are

Did all Elves Come from the Stars?

Is Being an Elf a Matter of Blood of Genetic Heritage?

Are we Born to be Elves? And So If Elves are Born Elven, Are Orcs Born to be Orcs as well?

What Say The Silver Elves About the Difference Between Seelie and Unseelie Fae?
What Effect Do Our Magical Body Parts (Elf Ears, Wings, Tails, Scales etc.) In Etheric Form Have Upon Elves and Otherkin?

Are All Elves Beautiful? And Are all elves thin?

Are Elves Healthier than Other People?

Do Elves Age Less Quickly Than Normal Humans?

Do Elves Sweat?

Are all Elves White?

Are Elves Always Androgynous?

Do Elves Have Enhanced Senses?

Are Elves Hypersexual?

Is There a Point at Which One Is Too Old to Be an Elf?

Are Elves Human? Is an Elven Soul and Spirit Different from that of a Human?

How do you Know if a Person is an Elf or Faerie or Pixie or whatever? And Who are the Half Elves?

Can we be Born as one Type of Elf, Fae or Otherkin in One Life and Another Kin Type in a Different Incarnation?
What is the Difference Between Fey and Fae? What is the Difference Between Elfin and Eldar?

How Do We Elves Relate to the Seasonal Courts of Faerie?

Why don’t all elfae know from very earliest life that they are elves, faeries or other fae beings?

Are We Elves Repelled by Iron, Once Again? 

Section 4: Elven Awakening

What Does it Mean to Awaken to Our True Elven Nature?

Once an Awakened Elf Are You Always an Awakened Elf?

How Do You Gently Awaken a Sleeping Elf Kin?

Does One Have to be Brave and Courageous to Enter Elfin and Faerie?
Are There Any Steps Beyond Awakening on the Elven Path? (First three steps/stages are Awakening, Association and Activation)

Beyond Awakening — Further Steps on the Elven Path, Attunement and Annunciation

The Sixth and Seventh Stages of Awakening Upon the Elven Way: Acclimation and Actualization 

Section 5: How The Silver Elves Are Alike and Different From Other Spiritual Practices

What’s the Difference Between Elves and Pagans? And Do The Silver Elves Follow an “Elven Faith?”

What is the Difference Between the Elven Way and the Fairy Faith?

What’s the Difference Between Elves and Witches?

Is Christianity Incompatible with Being Elves?

Do Elves Believe in Past Lives?

What is the Elven Point of View about People Choosing their Lives before Birth?

Do Elves Interact with Genii Loci?

Is the Sphere of Netzach Specifically Related to Elves?

What Say The Silver Elves About the Difference Between an Elf Witch and an Elf Wizard? 

From an Elfin View, Are Wizard and Warlock lesser Terms than Witch?

Were the Fomorians Dwarves and Monsters? 

Are Elves Related to Angels?

Section 6: The Past and Future of Elves

Why Do We Elves Call Ours'elves the People of the Ancient Future?

How Far Back in History do Elves and the Original “Elven Faith” Go?

Who Are the Shining Ones That the Elves Speak Of?

Who Came First, Elves or Faeries?

Is It the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And Who First Adopted the Seven-Pointed Star as the Elf Star and What Does It Mean?

What Will Happen to us if Humanity Destroys Itself?

What Will Elves Be Like in the Future?

Who Were the Elf Queen's Daughters?

“The Philosophy of Elfin Folke”

When Faerie Returns Will There Still be a Race of Men? And Are Elves Halflings, Part Mankind, due to Manifesting in Human Bodies?

Are We Elves in these Modern Times Related to the Tuatha de Danann and the Sidhe? And What Are Elven Spiritual Genetics?

Did the Tuatha de Danann live in a Mirror World?

Why we Silver Elves Have Come to Reject the Idea that our Faerie Peoples are Exclusively Descended from the Scythians and Annunki

Section 7: How Elves Relate to Other People

How Do You Tell Your Family or Friends that You're an Elfae Without Them Getting Upset?

What Say the Elves About Living in the World of the Unawakened? And How Does an Elf Find Friends?

Where Do You Find Kindred Fae?

How Do You Deal with Individuals Who Pretend They Are More Spiritually Evolved or More Magically Adept Than They Really Are?

Do Elves Hate Dwarves?

What do Elves Feel about Transgender Individuals?

What is the Relationship of the Elves to the Trees?

How Do We Find Faerie? And How Do Deal with Being an Elf or Otherkin While Living in the Mundane World?

What Do the Elves Say about whether the Faeries Are Nature Spirits?


Section 8: Elven Lifestyle

Are all Elves Vegetarian?

How Do Elves Form Families?

What do the Elves Say is the Difference Between a Spirit Family and a Soul Family, and What is an Elven Family?

Why Are So Many Modern Elves So Into Fashion?

What’s the Elfin View on Wearing Fur?

What Do the Silver Elves Think of People who Wear Fake Wings to be like Faeries?

Are There Specific Elfin Holidays that the Silver Elves Celebrate?

How do Elven Communities Govern Themselves? Do They Have Kings and Queens?

Why Are Elves So Often Associated with Bows and Arrows? How Does Archery Effect Elven Magic?

Do Elves Believe that True Love Exists?

 Section 9: The Language of the Silver Elves: Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)

Do The Silver Elves speak Arvyndase (SilverSpeech)?

How do The Silver Elves create the Elf Names they Gift to Others? And Does Knowing a Person’s True Name Really Give You Power Over Hir (him/her)?

Section 10: What Oracles do The Silver Elves use?

—Elves and Tarot

—Elves and the I Ching

—Elven Runes (the original runes of the Silver Elves)

—Elven Geomancy

—The Elven Star Oracle (an original oracle system of the Silver Elves)

—Other Original Silver Elves Oracles

Section 11: Other Miscellaneous Questions About Being an Elf and Elven Perspectives

What Do Elves Think of Psychiatry, Psychology and Modern Therapists?

What Say the Elves about the question ‘Does one need to suffer to learn compassion?’

How Does it Feel to Write from the Perspective of Elves? What about the Silver Elves Books and Cultural Appropriations? 

What is the Best Way for Elfae to Deal with the Shadow S'elf, Your Wild Side?

Are the Silver Elves high elves or low elves?

Do Elves Believe that Rocks Have Souls?

Are Rocks Truly Gateways to the Otherworlds of the Elfin and Faerie Realms?

From an Elven Perspective: Could One have been an Elemental in a Past Life?

"A Crystal is a Million Stars United," an excerpt from The Magical Elven Love Letters by The Silver Elves

Section 12: What are some of the newest Silver Elves Books?

Magical Books by The Silver Elves on The Elven Way, Magic and Enchantment, Elven Oracles, and Elven Lifestyle

Elf Tribes: 
The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin

Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: 
The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin 

Manifesting Elfin: 
Answers to Questions about Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path

Elven Hedgewitchery and Found Magic:
Using Art-Making for Evoking Elfin Magic and Living the Elven Way

An Elfin Book of Trees for the Elven Druid:
The Ogham of the Elves Using Elvish Wizard Script

The New Dawn of Elfin:
Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 3 


Elves, Faeries, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: 
More Descriptions of Otherworldly Folk

Beyond Death: 


Elfin Spirit Talk: 
Elven Sign Language for Magic and Spell Casting

Elfae Tribes: 
The People of Faerie

Visions of Elfin: 
Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 4.

The Elves Believe:
A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Koans by The Silver Elves About Magic and The Elven Way, Volume 3

Elfin Witches’ Knotwork: 

How to Make a Faerie Lay

What An Elf Would Do, Too: 
Book Two of a Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk


Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 5


Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path, Volume 6

And our newest The Silver Elves book:

ELFIN TOTEM ANIMALS: An Elven Oracle for Finding Your Power Familiar!

To read more about what this book is all about, click the link below:

“Soft as the dew from the morning mist, 

gentle and sweet as an elf maid’s kiss, 

Elfin calls out to your heart, 

closer come and be a part.”

By The Silver Elves

Elven Blessings for All Elfae Kindred and Friends!

If you are elves, why don’t you have pointed ears?

"Our bodies die and fade, changing from lifetime to lifetime, but our character endures and informs our being throughout incarnati...