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Can One Be Both an Elf and a Faerie?


. . . an elf faerie or a faerie elf, or a pixie elf, or whatever, is not simply an elf and a faerie but a mixture that has created something new and wondrous."

      Can one be both an elf and a faerie? Why not? Faerie and Elfin are the realms of imagination that we are making real in the material world through our own lives and experience. We are manifesting Elfin and Faerie in the world and in those realms, we can be whomever we wish to be. Of course, that takes a bit of effort. In our minds and imaginations, the creation of our elfin realms may be quite fast, really near to spontaneous and instantly arising as say magic is usually portrayed in books and movies where the magician, witch or wizard waves their wand, broom or staff and things immediately transform. However, as quick as this may seem to happen in our imagination, there is a time lapse between when the wand is waved, the spell cast, the enchantment enunciated and the manifestation of the desired result. In the material world, this time lapse can be a bit longer, although that is not always the case. But as the ancient saying goes: Rome wasn't built in a day. And our manifestation of ours'elves and the creation of our realms may take a bit of time as well. But then this is about being elfae in the world and living our lives as so. 

     It is true that we might transform in an instant. We might realize that we are elves or faeries, or elfae of some sort, some combination of elf and faerie, perhaps a being with pointed ears and faerie wings, and we might alter our lives by changing our consciousness in an instant. But there is still a necessity of following through with magic, of making our new realization effective in reality by living it day-to-day. We make it actual through our actions. 

     When our daughter was about four years old, we told her we were elves and she said, in an instant, "I'm an elf faerie." So, there you have it. We elves take the proclamations of the littles very seriously. Before their innocence is obscured or challenged by the madness of the world, they see things purely. So, if a young elf faerie princess says that she is an elf faerie, then obviously it must be possible to be both an elf and a faerie. How can anyone deny that? Certainly, we weren't going to do so, because we made it clear from her earliest days, she could be or become whatever she desired. Now, some folks would look at it from the point of view of genetics and the material view of the world. Her father could be an elf and her mother a faerie and thus she would be part elf and part faerie, a blending of the two. Just as one may be of mixed racial lineage in the world, part Asian and part Caucasian or some other combination. The thing is, these elves just don't look at things that way. Which is to say, we understand in a certain sense the rules of genetics, and we have seen their effect in the world, and we are not denying that reality. But elves and faeries, in our view, are more spiritual races than genetically manifested races, although we are aware that the idea of genetic elven heritage exists and is not without some efficacy. It is just that for us our true home in Elfin exists in the realms of spirit and we are making it real, bringing down into, and manifesting it in the material world. 

     Thus, for us, being an elf faerie or a faerie elf is not like a glass filled with oil and water together but refusing to be mixed. It is more like a glass of different fruit blended together. Therefore, you might say that being an elf faerie is like a smoothie. And elf faeries generally are smoothies. And often a bit sweet. The merging is not two things apart but of two or more things that have created something new. Perhaps, it is better to think of salt, which comes together from the combination of elements. It still contains the elements but they have become something new in their merging. So, too, an elf faerie or a faerie elf, or a pixie elf, or whatever, is not simply an elf and a faerie but a mixture that has created something new and wondrous. We could call them elfae, but we use that term to mean all sorts of elves, faeries, others and combinations thereof. The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we might say, but really, it is not greater so much as its own unique being. 

     If you add red paint (elf, let's say) to white paint (faerie), you don't get a light red or a reddish white, nor do you get red on one side and white on the other, like oil and water, what you get is pink. It becomes something individually combined from other things. So are all elfae in our way eccentric, unique and individual beings.

     Still, making it real in our lives and in the world is another matter, and that takes effort every day. It is not enough to be a faerie elf, if you are to manifest it in the world, you must make it real, to realize it in the material world. Be whatever you wish to be. But back that wish up with magic, which is to say with the action of living it. 

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),
The Silver Elves 

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