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Who Are the Shining Ones That the Elves Speak Of?


the Shining Ones are those elfin and fae who have evolved through lifetimes
of experience and effort into the more expansive yet more subtle realms of being."

     What most people might call angels, we elves call Shining Ones, except rather than being created as is by some god (as angels are often viewed by Western lore) and are ever the same and unchanging, the Shining Ones are soulful spirits that have evolved, as all beings have and are evolving, toward higher manifestation, which is to say awakened and expanded consciousness. All things evolve. Even the rocks and crystals are in the process of becoming.
     We should note that in some stories of the elves, we elven are also seen as beings who were created as is and are unchanging. We Silver Elves reject that idea for several reasons. The first of which is that it simply doesn't accord with our own experience, observations and understanding as occultists of the nature of life.
     The second is that the idea of being caught in an eternal bubble of sameness, just doesn't appeal to us. In many ways, we are like children. Thus, while we appreciate those things we love and can read (or in the case of small children have read to us) the same story that we adore over and over again, we always are excited by the new, the different and the surprising.
     The third is that we learn. All beings learn or adapt (which is really the same thing) even viruses mutate, so the idea of ever remaining the same doesn't seem viable to us and we like learning, we like improving ours'elves, increasing our skills, abilities, knowledge and powers. So, being stuck in the same job forever of being some god's messengers (angel means messenger) just doesn't suit our natures.
     We might note that some faerie lore, particularly some of that which comes from Ireland, holds that we elven are fallen angels (see Evans-Wentz's Fairy Faith in the Celtic Countries) who rebelled against God but were not quite bad enough for hell nor good enough for heaven. While, we once again reject the idea of being unchanging beings, the notion of being fallen angels, in our experience, appeals to a lot of elven and fae, particularly the pixies and the dark fae who love having the "bad boy" and "wild girl" image. As the ancient elven saying we Silver Elves made up goes: "Yes, we are the elves your mother warned you about."
     Of course, while we recognize the notion of gods and goddesses, these elves are not worshipers of deities. Rather, we feel and observe that the Divine Magic, the force and power of life, lives in all things as a realizable potentiality that springs into being when each person, each spirit becomes who it truly is, which is coincidentally, who it truly wishes to be. And yet, even in reaching perfection we don't see ours'elves as beings in stasis, but as beings who are ever developing and becoming. There is always more to learn and create. Perfection for the elves is not so much a goal, or an end point, but a continual process.
     So, the Shining Ones are those elfin and fae who have evolved through lifetimes of experience and effort into the more expansive yet more subtle realms of being. Their bodies are less physical in a sense and yet more manifest. We realize that sounds contradictory but what we mean is that while their bodies tend to be constructed principally with light, starlight in particular, that they exist and manifest not only in the three dimensional world, where we abide, but also in the fourth and other dimensions. In that sense, they are more manifest than we and have a wider range of experience and activity.
     Can they manifest here among us? Certainly, they could do so if they choose, although why they would do so is questionable. It would be rather like driving to another city to tell someone to pick up milk, when you could just call or text them. They inspire us through signs and omens.
     Surely, there will be those who claim that they are Shining Ones, we have surely encountered some, and while we accept that as an aspiration, for all elves and fae are Shining Ones in potential, we have never met anyone who was quite that evolved. On the other hand, we have met some Living Goddesses and other divine beings, but not a one of them claimed to be so, and while Divine, they were still human beings, like us, struggling with life in this world.
     We expect that the Shining Ones, whom some might call the Masters, have their struggles as well on their own level of being. And, in fact, their struggles might be much greater than ours so ours seem like child's play to them, just as graduate school would seem impossible to a child in elementary school, while elementary education would be relatively easy for those in graduate school. But the school that is Life never ends and we elves are happy with that fact as we seek to learn more and be better at all that we do in loving association with all our kin. 

The Silver Elves 

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