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Who Were the Elf Queen's Daughters?

"Arwen and Elanor [founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters] were enchantresses and very adept witches, and they had an incredible ability to awaken the elfin spirit in those they encountered and an amazing ability to get people enthused about life, magic and the possibilities for the future.... To be around them, even for a short period of time was to be touched by the otherworldly."  

(The image above is a photo taken by The Silver Elves of an original acrylic painting by Zardoa Silverstar entitled, “Dragon Sorcerer” and is on the cover of Sorcerers' Dialogues, book 2 of the Books of Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters.)

     The Elf Queen's Daughters (EQD) were a sisterhood, which being elven included both males and females, that was primarily active from 1974 to 1977. They wrote fascinating esoteric letters of elven lore and philosophy, and created the Elf Magic Mail, sending out three letters each week for about two years or so (see the two volumes of these letters, Elf Magic Mail volume 1 and also Volume 2, that we published with the help of our sisters who founded that sisterhood. There are also our own Silver Elves commentaries contained in the books to go along with each letter). The letters were always free, although, occasionally a letter would make a request for donations of stamps to help with the mailing cost. At their height, the EQD mailing list had somewhere over 300 snail mail addresses in the USA, including a few in France and Spain. Why three letters a week? That was how many you could put in a regular envelope for one postage stamp. Within months of their first publication, other kindred joined the sisters and established vortexes around the U.S. where those interested, who had heard the Call, could write to awakened elves.    
     According to a popular history of otherkin website, the sisterhood began in the northwest coast in Oregon or Washington. That is not actually correct, although we did have a vortex (an elven coven) there. In fact, the two sisters who founded the sisterhood came from Illinois. One from Chicago and the other from Southern Illinois. They were Arwen, also known as Susie Creamcheese, and Elanor, known as Mary Sunshine. They were visiting Carbondale, Ill. in 1974 when they channeled a spirit through the Ouija board, with which they were experts, who told them to start the Elf Queen's Daughters.
     Shortly after that they moved to a farm in Worthington, Ohio and began publishing the Elf Magic Mail. About a year after that, however, they began an entrepreneurial business which enabled them to travel and make money so they set forth on the road, visiting elven kindred and Awakening them wherever they encountered them. During this period, they helped elves to initiate over a dozen vortexes throughout the USA and at least one in Europe (France). One such vortex was started in Carbondale, Illinois, in 1975 by Zardoa Silverstar of the EQD, which he called The Elves of the Southern Woodlands. Later in 1979 after the EQD disband, Zardoa along with Silver Flame migrated to Florida and then California and we called ourselves The Silver Elves.
     The EQD first awakenings, however, came from Chicago where Arwen had been a high school teacher and had developed a devoted following among some of her students who turned out to be elven. Arwen and Elanor were enchantresses and very adept witches, and they had an incredible ability to awaken the elfin spirit in those they encountered and an amazing ability to get people enthused about life, magic and the possibilities for the future. They lived their magic, made it real through their lives, and you could feel it. To be around them, even for a short period of time was to be touched by the otherworldly.
     But they didn't just hang out with elves. They made friends everywhere they went. They knew and were friends with many of the notables of the pagan and wiccan communities of that time. They were friends with Oberon (at the time Otter) and MorningGlory Zell Ravenheart, with Z Budapest, Alison Harlow and many others. A number of the letters of the Elf Magic Mail appeared in various issues of the earliest incarnation of the Green Egg Magazine.
      We have already written a great deal about how the founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters in the 70s were the first to adopt the 7-pointed-acute star as the Elven star and how they would often use it on their publications (see blog article: Is it the Elf Star or the Faerie Star? And Who First Adopted the Seven-Pointed Star as the Elf Star and What Does it mean?). This symbol of the Elven Movement, the 7 pointed star,  not only had a great influence on the gathering of elves and the Elven Movement in modern USA, but also of the Otherkin movement to follow.  Many feel the Otherkin movement had its roots in the EQD, as they were the first public Elven group. We also know in history that all movements grow and develop when they have a common symbol to share and communicate a feeling of collective belonging, and certainly the EQD contributed this to the Elven Movement, as well as to the Faeries and Otherkin who would follow in the adoption of the 7 pointed star. 
     We first encountered the sisters in early 1975 and while the letters they circulated only continued for a couple more years, we started our own version called the Magical Elven Love Letters in 1979-80. And while the EQD retreated from actively awakening elves by the time we lived with them in California for a month or so in 1979, we continue to be friends and sisters to this day.
     And they for their part, which is to say Arwen, Elanor and Loriel and, at a distance, other sisters, continued their esoteric studies, producing over 500 cassette tapes of weekly esoteric talks. We participated in these talks, giving some presentations ours'elves, in the late 1990's and early 2000's, we also continued our quest to awaken elven and elfae in the world. Alas, while we still communicate by email and on Facebook, we elves now live in Hawaii, so visiting them just doesn't happen anymore, although they have come to visit us a number of times over the years as they also are quite spiritually connected to these beloved isles.
     We must say, we miss their manifestation as the Elf Queen's Daughters, yet, we honor their decision to proceed upon an esoteric path that was wider and a bit more mainstream than the elven path sometimes tends to be. Indeed, we honor all our kindred who choose, at whatever point, to go a different way, either for a time or forever. And each and every one we send forth with our blessings for success and enlightenment upon their path, whatever path they may choose. And quite often, in time, they return to us and we await them with open arms. 

La tae lun u Eldat te vari elsorin (By the light of Elfin be ever blessed),

The Silver Elves

If you are interested in The Elf Queen's Daughters, please see our two volumes that contain all their original letters (from the mid 70s) sent out to their vortexes as Elf Magic Mail. These are fascinating letters and truly enchanting.

Click here to view a sample letter, The Primordial Egg, in book 1 and about the book: Elf Magic Mail: Book 1,The Original Letters of The Elf Queen’s Daughters With Commentary by The Silver Elves and  The Winged Star, in book 2: Elf Magic Mail: Book 2,The Original Letters of The Elf Queen’s Daughters With Commentary by The Silver Elves.

“Our names have been called,
 our song has been sung.
We are ready to dance with the Goddess,
and if you but read and see clearly,
but for a moment..
we are glad, so very, very glad
to have you with us.”

. . . .The Elf Queen’s Daughters

“It is not the good old days of yesteryear that we elves hunger for,
so much as making this moment
the best we can  
so they will be the good old days to come.”

. . . . The Silver Elves

'Rings of Fire' (Circle) is an Elf Magic Mail letter that was sent out by the Elf Queen’s Daughters from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, in the mid 70s, and is one of many such magical letters contained in its entirety in the book Elf Magic Mail, Book 1, (along with commentaries by The Silver Elves): 



… of the whole of MOTHER EARTH’S VAST POTENTIAL. And, what we do in circle is the true mirror reflection of how close to HER we are or would become.
For all the inner sisters, each union/communion is as a circle … each gathering with other sisters is a form of a circle, no matter how informal. And these circles expand and grow, including all we contact … drawing in the mass of humanity within the ring of fire.
SO MANY YEARS WE HELD OUR CIRCLES CLOSED … LIMITED … BOUND BY FEAR AND PARANOIA. NOW! Sisters, now we grow, we expand … not by proselytizing … not by grasping … but by circles of ever greater magnitude.....
....GATHER THE ENERGY NOW, SISTERS, FOR THE INITIATION OF A NEW AGE … A NEW PEOPLE … make greater circles, not in their size, but in your growing awareness of new direction.

Also you will get a true understanding of the depth of esoteric knowledge these two sisters shared by reading the four Books of Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters (there is no particular order in which you need to read). Each of these four books are a collection of letters with dominate themes of sorcery, the Manu, the Shinning One who is the inspiration for the evolution of humanity in this age, Esoteric Buddhisim, Elven magic and culture, Tolkien, the supra-dimensional and necromancy.

Please click on the titles below to read sample letters from and all about the 'Books of Correspondence Between the Silver Elves and the Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters':
4. Ruminations on Necromancy

. . . . throughout the passing ages. Tens of thousands of years come to a peak in a visionary now-ness, allowing for insight-hindsight. The sage can gaze forward and backwards, making hope possible for the people. We share our revelations and before you know it, another culture is born.”
—Arwen and Elanor (Founders of the Elf Queen's Daughters) in MAGIC TALKS, from the beginning of Letter No. 1 . . . . In the Stardust of The Akaskic Record (Read the entire Letter and commentary by The Silver Elves here!)

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When elves first awaken to the realization of who they really are, there is often a euphoria that sets in, but this enchantment only ever lasts for a short while and then grounded once more the individual is faced with the fact that magic, even elfin magic, requires effort and a decision to go on.”

. . . .The Silver Elves

Elven Blessings, Dear Kindred!

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