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What is the Silver Elves' Position about Transgender Individuals?

"...promoting discrimination against transgender individuals,
no matter how reasonable your rationalization for doing so sounds to you,
is just not Elven, doesn't even approach wisdom of any sort, Elven or otherwise,
and is most probably due to the fact that one simply hasn't known them
as these elves have, as our beloved brothers and sisters."

     This, on the surface, doesn't seem like a particularly magical or spiritual question or to have much to do with elves and fae, but really at its essence it is a moral question, thus a spiritual one and therefore a magical question and all things magical concern the elves and fae folk.
    We know that there are numerous folks who hate transgender individuals using various rationalizations for doing so. They will say it is against their religion, or it is part of a plot by the powerful to turn us into robots or something, but the truth is they just don't like anyone who is different than they are and are just habituated to having someone to hate.
     Therefore, it becomes an elven question because hating a person or group of people just for being a part of a certain group is essentially unwise and most definitely un-elven. It is not that some elf or fae couldn't rationalize a prejudice against transgender people but in doing so they are following the ways of the normal folk, of mankind, and thus creating an act of magic that makes them, de facto, more mannish. Thereby, losing part of their elven essence. It is an essential principle of magic that what we do, we become. When we follow the ways of men we become like them. What true elf would wish to do that?
     Elves, for our own part, have ever been seen as more balanced in the male and female aspects of our being than most folks. Our males seem gentler, refined and thus slightly more effeminate than other folks and our females have ever had a tomboyish quality to them. This is due to the fact that we tend to be psychologically more integrated as individuals, as Carl Jung would have pointed out.
     Some folks may not believe that they have an inner feminine side as males or masculine side as females and that this is just some mumbo jumbo made up by shrinks. But science now shows us that all people begin formation into the human body as potentially female (with X chromosomes) and it is just the contribution of a single chromosome by the father (Y chromosome) that determines the gender of the fetus. When this happens, the Y chromosome triggers latent embryonic development as a male and the clitoris extends and the ovaries externalize into testicles, or one might even say extravert.
     We also know that after the contribution of the Y chromosome, the mother sends a biochemical wash into the placenta that 'dumbs down' the fetus tending to make it stronger physically but often less intelligent. We assume this was because cave-women needed someone to move the boulders around in the cave (and now in modern times the furniture), and also needed someone who would go out and deal with dangerous creatures and potentially get killed doing so.
     Elven males, being by nature more balanced between their masculine and feminine aspects, probably don't or didn't get as potent a wash as other races do. But we still realize that, for the most part, elven females are generally smarter than the males.
     But, back to our discussion of transgender individuals. Recently, these elves were visiting in the eastern United States and a person there, who we have always known to be an extremely compassionate person and exceptionally liberal for that region of the country, told us that she just didn't know what to think about transgender people. Silver Flame asked her if she had actually known a transgender person personally and she said that she had not (and being the loving person she is, she totally agreed that would help) and that is the essence of the matter. In our experience, most folks who voice misgivings and prejudice about transgender people and say it is because it is against their religion or common understanding of people or even because they think it is a plot or conspiracy of some sort, have never actually known any transgender individuals on a personal basis.
     These elves have known numerous transgender people and they have all been very lovely and bright people, most often elven or fae by nature. In fact, some of our sisters of the Elf Queen's Daughters were transgender individuals and we owe them a debt of gratitude for awakening us, introducing us to great depths of esoteric, occult and magical lore, initiating us into some of the deeper mysteries and mostly for just embracing us, loving us and nurturing us when most of the rest of the world merely viewed as as weirdos who failed to conform and thus shunned us. We can only think that those who promote prejudice against transgender individuals don't really know them that well.
     And really, how is having one's gender changed different than any other plastic surgery (perhaps a bit more complicated) but really, it is, in a sense, not that different than having one's nose done, or getting a face lift or hair implants or even than going to the dentist and getting crowns on one's teeth so we don't look like a bunch of snaggle-toothed orcs (not that all orcs are snaggle-toothed, mind you; it would be just as unwise to stereotype orcs or any other people).
     So we say to you again, promoting discrimination against transgender individuals, no matter how reasonable your rationalization for doing so sounds to you, is just not elven, doesn't even approach wisdom of any sort, elven or otherwise, and is most probably due to the fact that one simply hasn't known them as these elves have, as our beloved brothers and sisters. 

Ver Nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

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