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What Oracles Do Elves Use? Part 3: Elven Runes

"... certainly when we have spiritual questions,
questions that concern our elven path,
we will consult the runes."

     Runes are letters. Every alphabet is a form of runes and could be formulated into an oracle of some sort. There was a time when the ability to read and write were truly seen as magical powers, unlike today when such an ability seems more commonplace. However, when you think about it, you still spend years in school learning to read and write, just as the Druids did, for instance, and it is still a great power. It’s just that these days, for the most part, we tend to recognize this power primarily in great literature. When we read a really great book, one that evokes our imagination or sets us thinking about the possibilities of the future, and inspires us in some way, then we really get a sense of the power of Runes used in the form of Grammarye, or the spell of great writing and the magic of good writers.
     What is nice about Runes, unlike most other alphabets, is that it is still seen as magical, although Hebrew has also retained its mystical traditions and has many followers and scholars of its systems of Gematria, Temurah and Notariqon. Alas, these elves are not among them, although we have a rudimentary and rather simplistic understanding of these systems.
     We did, however, create our own elven rune system (see the photo at the top of this page to view our elven runes). See our The Book of Elven Runes, although we might have done better entitling it the Elven Book of Runes, or the Book of Elfin Runes, because we have learned through time that many folks seeing our title leap to the notion that it says the Book of "Eleven" Runes, but then in German the word for “eleven” is “elf,” so there is, perhaps, some deeper connection there.
     We have a somewhat similar experience with a tee shirt that Zardoa wears at times that says, “Kiss Me I’m Elvish,” on it (he is wearing it on the cover of our book Elven Geomancy). However, many folks only observe that it is a green shirt and see the kiss me part and then say things like, “Oh, I’m Irish, too,” never bothering to actually read what is said, which is the way a lot of people go through life anyway, ever jumping to conclusions and never looking deeper. But that is, indeed, what oracles are for, a deeper look into the more obscure places in the magical cosmos.
     For the most part, these elves don’t tend to use our Elven Runes in the same way we use the Tarot or the I Ching, inquiring about day-to-day questions, or deep inquiries prompted by some stressful situation, although we sometimes use them as a supplement to these oracles. An additional point of view, one might say. Instead, we tend to use the Runes in coordination with some magic we are doing. Often we put them on some sigil or seal we may be creating, or a part of an elven magical circle, or some other bit of artwork that both decorate and magnetize, we might say, our eald/elven home. The magic cooking spoons in the photo is an example of our use of runes and spirit sigils for a combination spell and eald decoration.
Sometimes we engrave our original elven runes on magic wands or staffs that we have created to enhance their magic. And certainly when we have spiritual questions, questions that concern our elven path, we will consult the runes. There is a magic to them, and we admit we love them, but then, we love nearly all oracles and every form of elven magic. They help remind us of who we truly are in a world that is trying so very hard to make us forget.

The Silver Elves
"We elfin often blow on our runes and chant or hum or sing while casting the stones in order to unite them with the Breath of Life and the Song of Creation."
Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves

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This is not the Norse Runes but our own original elven rune divination system. It consists of 40 runes. The book is 130 pages with photos and illustrations that feature each rune and explain the rune system, how to make your own set of runes, and the interpretation for each of the runes. 
You may read a sample interpretation of one of our runes, Rune 18: "Hollow", which is a sanctuary or safe place, here on our website .

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"Nearly all elves are diviners, 
but the oracles we read most often are the sigils of karma, fate and destiny 
writ plain in the lines on people's faces."
—The Silver Elves

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