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How Do You Gently Awaken a Sleeping Elf Kin?

"We set them free to dream and be as they choose to be and we do this mainly by example by being our own true s'elves so they can see it is okay and relatively safe in the world to do so, 
and absolutely safe when one is among one's own kin."

     How do you gently awaken a sleeping elf kin? You tickle their fancy.
     Most of us encounter individuals that seem to be elven kindred to us that don't seem to realize they are so and for whatever reason aren't presenting thems'elves as the elfae we feel they may actually be. They have tickled our fancy and we wish to tickle theirs.
     We can't force them to acknowledge that they are elfin. In fact, force by its nature repels people and arouses resistance. And force is contrary to the principles of enchantment and we elfin are primarily enchanters. And contrary to popular lore and legend, we don't force people into Elfin, nor do we enslave them there if they happen to wander in by mistake. Why would we want people to be in Elfin who don't want to be there?
     Now, it is possible that individuals may wander into Elfin and simply not wish to leave. We are quite wonderful, after all. Loving, kind, charming and fun to be around— well not necessarily these elves, who are busy writing and creating all the time and can thus seem a bit boring, although we are excited and delighted about what we are doing, but elves in general.
     But, naturally, we are ever looking for our kindred to share the "good news," is that what they say about the Bible, well, not the good news exactly, but the Great News that elves and fae are alive and dancing upon the Earth and every loving person who is willing to get along is welcome to join in the dance.
     Still, how do we let them know this? How do we awaken those who seem to be asleep and wandering, rather like zombies, in the normal world? And again, we say, we tickle their fancy. We arouse their imaginations. We set them free to dream and be as they choose to be and we do this mainly by example by being our own true s'elves so they can see it is okay and relatively safe in the world to do so, and absolutely safe when one is among one's own kin.
     What does that mean in practical terms? It means that if someone asks our name and we share our elven name with them and then they ask what nationality that it is, we say, "Elven." And then, usually, they will either grimace, think that we are joking or, if they are kindred to us, they will reply, "Oh, I'm an elf, too," or a pixie, faerie, brownie, dwarf or whatever they may be.
     Or we may be dressing elfin, or wizardly, or in some other fashion and when they ask about that we move the conversation around to the fact that we are elves. If they are rude about it, they are not elven, if they wish to think that we are fantasizing, we invite them to fantasize with us. If they think we are just pulling their leg, we just continue doing so. One never knows what a little gentle leg pulling may lead to. But, if they are willing to play along, then that is the beginning, the first stirring and we will continue to stir until the bubbles of realization start to appear and something wonderful is about to brew into being.
     As we elves say, "Tickle their fancy and they may get dancey." And that is what it is all around really, isn't it? The Eternal Dance of Elfin. 
The Silver Elves

Thanks to our elven grandson Nikolay Lyapanenko and Arianna Ferrara for the enchanting collage art featured at the top of this post.

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Pixies, brownies and wizards who

Put forth their magic every day

Even when they dance and play

We even have a few sweet trolls

With fingers in their ear and nose

And leprechauns who don’t make shoes

But stand about with deep rich brews

We even have some elves who’ve come

From galaxies beyond our sun

And if you think this all great fun

You’re right."
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