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How Do you Tell your Family or Friends that You're an Elfae without them Getting Upset?

"The point is you need to measure your revelations to their ability to accept and understand them. . . . . So understand the level of intellectual development and soulful evolution of your family and offer them what they can understand and accept."

     Unless you have a very cool family, which you may not if you are asking this question, you don't need to tell them. At least, not directly or in any depth about your spiritual path unless they indicate that they are truly interested in learning about it in a positive way, perhaps even for themselves. What you need to ask yours'elf is, why do you feel you need to tell them in the first place. Of course, the answer is probably that you wish them to accept you for who you are and you desire to be closer to them as people, to be a real family. 
     However, if they are not fae or elf or other, it is very unlikely they will understand what you reveal to them other than in ways already directed and enculturated by the society they live in and embrace. So with your first communications keep it light-hearted. Most likely if they were really cool parents or relatives, they would already know anyway. Perhaps not know the details, but they would know that you are 'other' of some sort. In fact, it is quite possible that they know anyway, even if they can't accept what you are. They may have merely put you in the "unusual' or 'weirdo' or 'crazy' category, and even sometimes 'exceptional' in a 'strange' but also 'highly intelligent' sort of way, but they don't want to know the details. They may even want to pretend it isn't true.
     The love and kindness that you have between you is the real bond that links you together. But, if you are determined to tell your family and friends you are elfae and feel some inner need to share with them those things they don't want to know and that they will ignore and hide from shortly after you have revealed yours'elf to them, then there are some ways to ease into the subject. Of course, if you are at a place where you feel compelled to confront them with this truth, you may not be the type to ease into things. It just may be the case that you wish the trauma, drama and the conflict such revelations sometimes produce — the yelling, the shocked reaction, the hurt, worried and saddened expressions. Why would someone do that? One might ask. Why would an elfae intentionally wish to evoke such reactions? Well, sometimes, people only feel free to leave behind the world of their upbringing when they have totally cut ties with it. By revealing one's elfae nature to one's family, an elfae or other is sometimes forcing them to accept or reject them, as is, and if they are rejected they can then proceed deeper into Elfin and Faerie without feeling any guilt about spiritually leaving their genetic family behind.
     Let's face it, there is often a great deal of psychological pressure that comes from being raised in a particular family with all its chosen or inherited beliefs, habits and prejudices. It is often hard to say goodbye to the gods of one's upbringing when one has been told over and over again that one will suffer in hell and be tortured forever for doing so. And this from one's very earliest stages of development. That is some deep dark magic to overcome and one has to be a brave elfae or other to take charge of one's own brain and consciousness and reject such gibberish (a grimlen language, we believe). It takes tremendous psychological and emotional courage to be an elfae in this world and bear all the rejection and ridicule that normal folk assume as a right to subject one to. They often place us in their minds in the position of being the 'town fool' whom they think they can belittle without consequence. That usually turns out to be a painful lesson for them.
     But, back to how to ease them into the truth of disclosing your elfae nature to your family, if you are willing and able to do so. Approach the matter playfully. Tell them the truth, right out. Say that you are an elf, or faerie or whatever and gauge their reaction. They will surely wonder if you are joking with them. That is nearly always the first reaction. They think you are pulling their leg. Tell them you are not and see how they react. If they are intelligent, they will ask you for more information. But more than likely they will just be puzzled. If their reaction seems like it might be negative, or that they can't handle this information, laugh and smile, as though you were joking, as though indeed you were pulling their leg. Surprise, April Fool's day in July.
     They may worry that you've joined a cult, and while the elves and fae and others are surely occult in a sense, and often study the occult, we are not a cult and you can reassure them quite honestly that you are not a member of a cult, nor is there any such cult that you know of, that it is instead simply something that interests and delights you.
     If they can't take the whole truth you can always tell them you are studying the ancient Fairy Faith of the Celtic peoples. Look appropriately studious and scholarly. Or you can tell them you really love Tolkien and you are into cosplay or role-playing. Of course, if your family is really nuts, that's the same as telling them you're a Satanist who sacrifices babies and eats them (we are not saying that Satanists do this, just that some folks believe that they do).
     The point is you need to measure your revelations to their ability to accept and understand them. There is no point in trying to teach advanced calculus to the majority of first graders (or to these elves), they just won't get it. So, understand the level of intellectual development and soulful evolution of your family and offer them what they can understand and accept. And if that is nothing at all, hide the truth from them. We elves have been doing that for millennia. 

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves

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