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Why Do The Silver Elves Use the "Royal We"

"... to our minds when we write our books or in fact correspond with our kindred, we are writing not only for ours’elves but for our entire elven family and all those kindred of ours who happen to agree with us. ... In part, this tendency perhaps derives from our time when we were part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters (EQD) back in the mid 1970’s. ... The sisters used to say, “We are of One Heart and One Mind,” and they meant that rather literally, that they were so close psychically that it was in certain ways hard to tell them apart."

     When we use to post to Elven Listserves in the 90s, we often had individuals who would ask us, usually with a touch of hostility and a challenging tone, about why we used the Royal We when writing. We explained to them that we were not necessarily using the Royal We but were in fact a family of elves and thus were using the pronoun, we, correctly as far as we could tell, and honestly although we were raised, or is that reared, speaking English, it has always seemed a foreign language to us. But we are fairly certain that when a letter or correspondence, which for the most part our writings really are, a sort of love letter and correspondence with and to our kindred, is sent from more than one person that we is the proper pronoun to use.
      And to our minds when we write our books or in fact correspond with our kindred, we are writing not only for ours’elves but for our entire elven family and all those kindred of ours who happen to agree with us. In part, this tendency perhaps derives from our time when we were part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters (EQD) back in the mid 1970’s. In that sisterhood, who published three letters of the Elf Magic Mail (see our two books of that title that have the contents of those original letters) each week and sent them out by snail mail and also wrote to hundreds of elves and elf friends via personal correspondence around the United States and in Europe, it was quite common not only for various members to contribute a sentence or paragraph to one of the letters of the Elf Magic Mail, but to answer correspondence individually for and as the group.
      We remember when we first went to visit our sisters (and brothers, but in the EQD we were all considered sisters), Melryn and the other three elves of that vortex (elven coven) had to go off to work for the day and left us at the vortex to answer letters that had been sent to them. They had a metal filing cabinet full of correspondence both old and pending and Melryn said to us to just pick any that called to us and to write to them on their behalf. So we did. One of the letters we particularly liked was from a French magician with whom we continued correspondence from our own vortex in Southern Illinois, where we called ours’elves the Elves of the Southern Woodlands. A year or so later, he traveled from France to visit us.
      The sisters used to say, “We are of One Heart and One Mind,” and they meant that rather literally, that they were so close psychically that it was in certain ways hard to tell them apart. They functioned from their point of view like a flock of birds and had the psychic interconnection of porpoises and dolphins. Andruil once said to us: “We all write the Elf Magic Mail and no one can tell which of us wrote what.”
      We remember one particular personal letter these elves received from Arwen and Elanor, who founded the Elf Queen’s Daughters, in which they wrote to us saying, “Speak for us.” And they meant that quite literally. By those simple words they authorized us to represent them and the sisterhood, which is in part why a few years later in 1979, after they had relinquished writing The Elf Magic Mail, we began our own letters The Magical Elven Love Letters, which were essentially a continuation of those letters and which eventually evolved into our books (see our books The Magical Elven Love Letters, volume 1, 2, & 3).
      At the same time, it should be noted that all elves are royal and we could each and everyone of us use the Royal We if we so choose. However, it is important to understand that in Elfin, royalty is not a position of authority, except over one’s own s’elf, but a recognition of one’s essential value as a soulful spirit. Just as Aleister Crowley wrote in The Book of the Law that, “Every Man and Woman is a Star,” so too is every elf of royal heritage with the right/rite to rule hir own life and direct hir destiny as sHe see fit.

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the Truth),
The Silver Elves

"In paradise we wait for you upon the Elfin shore, 
and trust that you will join us soon to live forever more."
—The Silver Elves

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The Silver Elves, The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1  

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