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How Does it Feel to Write from the Perspective of Elves?

". . . it feels wonderful . . . . most of what we write about elves isn't something we've made up, as some folks seem to think, but something we've noted by watching our kindred, particularly those who are truly attuned to Nature and their own nature. In that way one might say that we are elven sociologists and anthropologists."

     Someone recently asked us how it feels to write from the perspective of elves and the short answer is, of course, it feels wonderful. But we might also say that it feels natural because, after all, we are elves. What other perspective could we write from? We suppose we could pretend to be normal folk and write from that perspective, but honestly we've never quite understood normal folk and while we have tried to pass among them for harmony's sake, as well as to avoid much of the prejudice that they direct, both intentionally and unintentionally, toward us, we've never been very good at pretending to be normal. Faeries, on the other hand, seem very proficient at fitting into normal society by appearing to be "away with the faeries," a bit flighty, and by taking on the persona of the stereotypical dumb and nutty blond. In fact, they probably invented that stereotype as camouflage.
     We love everything about elven culture. We love being elves. We love other elves and elf types, faeries, pixies, gnomes, dwarves, brownies and all of fae kind. We even look at orcs and goblins and grimlins and think if they weren't so aggressive and hostile, we could get along with them. And we might not appreciate their country or whatever is there own music as much as they do, but if you can dance to it, we'd dance, and we do find them to be quite lovely and fascinating in their special way. The way one might, say, love Frankenstein's 'monster'. And when they accept you as one of their own, they can be quite loving, too, or at least friendly. The ladies more than the gents, if you can call orcs ladies and gents. Those are not terms, in our experience that they typically easy to relate to.
     One might ask: how do we write from the perspective of elves? But the answer is that due to the fact that we are elves, it is quite easy. And while elves are a diverse folk even if you look just at our s'elves and you don't include pixies and all other elfae, there are so many elves and so many points of view, much of it unfortunately influenced from being raised in the normal world where prejudice and preconceptions are normal and accepted behavior, that whenever we question what it means to be elven, we just observe our other elves. In fact, most of what we write about elves isn't something we've made up, as some folks seem to think, but something we've noted by watching our kindred, particularly those who are truly attuned to Nature and their own nature. In that way one might say that we are elven sociologists and anthropologists.
    While many folks seem to be limited by what they have read in traditional faerie tales and lore, and others seem totally restricted by this or that piece of fiction about elves that has inspired them, our perspective comes almost totally from our own lives and the lives of the kindred we observe manifesting in the world. It is not that we don't heed the traditional tales, or that we don't love modern fiction about our people, we are aware of and inspired by both, but the reality of what we see and the potential that we know exists within that reality, informs those tales and stories with the living vibration of Elfin and it is ever this that guides us.
The Silver Elves

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