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Who came First, Elves or Faeries?

 "....not to say that elves came before faeries or faeries before elves,
but that the modern conception of elves is much more ancient than
the notion that is currently popular concerning faerie folk."

      This question is a little bit like the chicken or the egg dilemma. However, most people these days conceive of faeries as being small humanoid beings with the wings of butterflies, dragonflies or moths for the most part and this conception of faeries comes primarily from Victorian times (see The Dragon Legacy by Nicolas De Vere and Realm of the Ring Lords by Laurence Gardner). (Also note that we are not saying that there are no winged-beings of any kind, including the Deva Realm, but that the idea of faeries as tiny creatures is not an ancient concept.) This notion of tiny humanoid winged faeries is a very recent one. In that sense, elves did very much come first. And this is so at least as far as the fact that the general conception of elves, which these days is mostly derived from Tolkien, is closer to the traditional understanding of the Elven and Faerie folk, the combination of which these elves refer to as elfin or elfae. This is not to say that elves came before faeries or faeries before elves, but that the modern conception of elves is much more ancient than the notion that is currently popular concerning faerie folk.
     The truth is that elves, faeries, pixies, brownies, the Sidhe and various other forms of faerie elfin folk are all merely various tribal formations, bands and groups of one essential people. Asking if the elves or faeries came first is like asking if First Nation tribes of the Sioux or the Cheyenne came first. Or the Apaches or the Navajos came first. We are all related peoples.
     It is interesting to us, however, that the conception of faeries as winged little humans is so popular. This is truly a relatively recent innovation on faerie lore, created according to some folks to diminish the significance of our peoples, and it has little support in ancient lore except in the fact that the dwarves are often conceived of as being short of stature. Still, this idea has taken root in the minds and hearts of many folk so strongly that there are those who speak with these tiny winged ethereal beings. Which means, in effect, that this thought form is so powerful that such beings have actually been created on the astral and etheric realms of being, with some manifestation, mostly in an etheric fashion, according to these seers, on the material plane.
     For our own part, these elves see the butterflies, dragonflies and moths as being these faeries. We don’t demand that they be anthropomorphized beings, giving them human bodies in order to see them as people but accept them for the unique faeries beings that they truly are. We also embrace many trees as being elfin in nature and many birds as well.
     Now, we don’t have a problem with those who envision faeries as little, tiny winged human beings, except for the fact that these are often the folks who insist on faeries being in that form and deny our existence as living and manifest elves. And they often also fail to see or relate to modern manifest faerie folk who often wear various forms of faerie wings or elf ears in order to feel more truly our own s’elves as well as announce to the world our own unique faerie natures.
We would remind these folks that the idea of faeries as small, winged humanoids is a fairly modern idea and that the idea that the elves and faerie folk exist as manifest human beings interacting with mankind and others is nearly as ancient as the elfin ours’elves are. But being tolerant folk, we are perfectly happy with their conception of the fae as long as they don’t deny our own true existence. (See our books the Elven Way and Liber Aelph).

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