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What is the Best Way for Elfae to Deal with the Shadow S'elf, Your Wild Side?

(The Silver Elves, Zardoa and Silver Flame, at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin)

Self-reflection and understanding of your Shadow can lead you to more self-awareness and happiness, and in that way is very important to one’s benevolent evolution and process of becoming fully whole. . . .
Acknowledging these aspects of ours'elves is tantamount to stepping in Faerie, that wild and perilous realm where all sorts of wild folk exist and nearly anything can happen. "The Elves say: Everything contains its opposite. If you feel powerless, therein you may find your power. If you feel afraid, there you may summon your courage."   
     Carl Jung pointed out that all of us have Shadow aspects of our psychological being. These are usually manifested as aspects of ours'elves that we do not want to recognize (unconscious aspects) and which we then tend to project, most often as negative judgments, upon others, whom we scorn for doing what we inwardly desire to do or are afraid of finding within ourselves. The solution to this is not to deny these inner aspects of ours'elves but to recognize them as aspects of ours'elves. And not to repress them, but to transform them through the enlightenment of our being into things that have positive value for our lives and the lives of others, rather than a harmful or negative impact on our lives. Or at the very least to indulge them in harmless ways, to allow ours'elves a few habits and harmless vices that we only let out occasionally so that they are satisfied without doing any real, short or long term, harm to us or others. Otherwise, we are led, slowly but surely, down the path to Krazydom, which is a demonic world. 
     In the world of Men and the normal folk, as they like to think of themselves, repression and suppression are fairly common events. And this is not to say that we elfae don't face some of the same problems and challenges that they do, for surely we do, but that for the most part we tend to be rather more conscious of our dark impulses and desires. (To explore more on what the emotional challenges and psychological disorders are of both normal and Elfae populations, how they are formed, and what their spiritual purposes are, you may wish to read our Silver Elves book Elven Psychology: Understanding the Elfin Psyche and the Evolutionary and Esoteric Purpose of Mental Disorders.) Still, being aware of these 'wild' and 'dark' impulses is not the same as being able to ride them successfully, like the wild creatures that they are, but it is the first step to doing so. Acknowledging these aspects of ours'elves is tantamount to stepping in Faerie, that wild and perilous realm where all sorts of wild folk exist and nearly anything can happen.
     Many claim that the Shadow is ‘negative,’ but we Silver Elves have a different view, as did Jung, that it is neither good nor bad and is a necessary part of the process of becoming self-aware and self-regulating for both happiness and unity of our being. Deep in the Shadow lay the passions and undeveloped talents that were discarded in childhood. The Shadow is what you perceive as unacceptable, dark or weak about yourself, and therefore seen as needing to be repressed, denied, and hidden by the mask you wear to the world (Jung called this mask the Persona). So the Shadow is viewed subjectively by each individual person and it depends on your own perspective and self awareness as to what is contained in your Shadow. Self-reflection and understanding of your Shadow can lead you to more self-awareness and happiness, and in that way is very important to one’s benevolent evolution and process of becoming fully whole. "The Elves say: Everything contains its opposite. If you feel powerless, therein you may find your power. If you feel afraid, there you may summon your courage."         

     As is often pointed out in movies, television and books as well as the news media, we all have our demons or hauntings (or some may call it part of our baggage). But the question is how can we transform our demons into our daemons, our inspiring spirits, our muses? How do we find energy and inspiration from our wild side? And how do we set our demons/daemons to perform certain tasks for us without them creating a mess, running off on their own and being up to no good and causing us endless trouble like a mischievous dog let off his leash who runs unthinking to whatever attracts him?
     It takes time, first of all. It will not happen in an instant. We are literally training our minds and our impulses to obey us, that is to obey our central Will and consciousness, our sentient awareness that is the consciousness of our soulful spirit and authentic inner Nature. Simply denying these impulses won't work. Eventually, they will find a way to get off that leash and the more they have been cooped up and denied, the more damage they will tend to do, the more bizarre our behavior will look to others and even to ourselves. These desires must be exercised/exorcised regularly but they must not be allowed to create havoc in our lives, or indulge themselves in those things that lead us deeper into those realms where demons abide and we will eventually give up our souls and become demonic ours'elves possessed by our impulses that we failed to bring into the light — like some little old lady walking a huge dog that is dragging her down the street in order to get into a fight with another dog or to bite someone.
     And with somatic reflection and meditation, there is a way to achieve a balance of the Persona and Shadow side. Connected to the Shadow are our emotions like anger, guilt, hostility, and fear, which may arise when there is a conflict within us between what is rooted in the Persona that moves us to adapt to the objective world for our social needs and with what is rooted in the Shadow that emerges as an urge to gain our need for freedom and independence. Upon these emotions we can somatically reflect to become aware of and balance both our inner instinctive needs of acceptance and freedom (through awareness of our gut feelings held in our bodies). And it is also through somatic reflection that we may become aware of our core beliefs about ourselves, many of which propel our emotions and are inaccurate as they are often an external view (accepted from the outside world) of us rather than an internal one that truly touches the truth of our being. If we can look closely at our inner feelings and needs, then we can feed that part of our soul that is buried in the Shadow and thus unite our bodies and minds with balance (See book What’s Behind Your BellyButton? by Love and Sterling for the Somatic Reflection Process on doing this). For example, if we face our Shadow side and accept our own anger, then we may find the root cause of our anger and thus have a clue as to how to begin to fill our inner needs that we have denied, and begin to have more self-acceptance. This heightened degree of needs fulfillment and self-acceptance may help us to both decrease the anger we feel (since our repressed needs are now being met) and also to behave in ways that are beneficial to us, like setting boundaries that are more realistic for ours'elves and following passions and inspirations that give us more joy in life. 

     To the elves, the potentially damaging impulses within us are rather like pollution. This world has somehow taken our natural impulses and tainted them with garbage. How do we clean up an ocean that has been poisoned by Man and his greed? How do we clean up the rivers and the atmosphere and return them to their natural purity? First, we stop polluting. We stop adding to the problem. So, too, first we must stop feeding our daemons junk food, polluting their being with destructive thought patterns and habits. However, we can't starve them to death either, anymore than we wish to simply go back to living as we did two millennia ago and give up technology completely. We need to find other ways, less polluting ways to have the lifestyle we desire. So also we need to direct our minds toward the positive and find ways to satisfy our needs without polluting our consciousness. To return to the innocence of our childhood while retaining the awareness and wisdom of illuminated experience. 
     We could blame Mankind for what he has done, and surely, he does have karma to bear. However, it is important to remember that all our impulses originate from the primal urges toward Immortality and Happiness. The world of Nature, which is Faerie, can be a predatory realm and thus Man cannot be entirely blamed for wanting to survive (the lowest aspect of the urge to Immortality) and to defend himself. Nor can he be blamed for wishing to succeed in life and find happiness. Alas, to his mind, and this again is not without reason, he must be ever ready to protect himself and his family from predatory others, and to fight to get his share of the "pie," which is to say the limited resources available. This is an evolutionary stage of development. He hasn't realized as yet, as the elves have for the most part, that by harmonizing with each other we are far safer and by sharing we all have more, and that we are meant to be stewards of the Earth not dominators and parasitic destroyers. But all that will eventually come in time and with the evolution of Mankind's spirit. 
     We could simply live in wild Faerie, as some imagine doing, where anything goes and we have no excuse for anything that happens to us nor right to complain because we embraced its madness with fervor and actively participated in it. However, these elves prefer to create Elfin, a safe haven in the midst of a wild world, seeking ever to transform it into something that is exciting and thrilling and wondrous still, but enlightened, uplifting and harmonious as well, where Love Reigns and Enchantment Rules, the Amazing and Marvelously Magical Realms of Elfin.

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