Friday, August 4, 2017

How Do We Elves Deal With Individuals Who Pretend They Are More Spiritually Evolved Than They Really Are?

Our answer is always the same:
"kindness served with bit of healing magic and compassion."
We have been asked a number of times by our elven kin: How do we deal with individuals who pretend they are more spiritually evolved or more magically adept than they really are? Our answer is always the same: "kindness served with a bit of healing magic and compassion."
     We are initiates of a number of guru groups and meditation systems and in those groups individuals were frequently told to give up their egos and their egoic projections. In fact, we used to know this family of Otherkin whose Thane was a very charismatic individual and would often and easily draw people to her. However, whenever anyone came and proceeded to brag of how evolved sHe (she/he) was and how sHe was going to do this or that to transform the world (almost overnight), this Thane and her fellow family members would ridicule the individual and basically quite thoroughly humiliate hir (him/her). We elves actually felt quite sorry for these individuals. It is true that they were boasting and making quite a bit more of them selves than they truly deserved or had earned but we were not certain that they merited getting such comeuppance, and we doubted that it did little to actually help them evolve as individuals.
     Not too long ago, we were in the laundry room doing our wash when a woman who lives in the same building as we came in and starting telling us how, many years ago, she had taken a seminar in Reiki and how she had undergone all three initiations within a day and how everyone was amazed at how evolved she was.
     We listened to this with a smile. We were certain that even if she did take all three initiations in a day that she had never done a thing with Reiki since that day and that she was merely endeavoring to make us believe she was far more evolved than she truly was and we were not fooled (certainly, a truly highly evolved person would not be boasting about it, and certainly not in a laundry room). But neither were we offended by this. We asked ours’elves, why would she be bothering to tell us this in the first place? Why would she be seeking to make us think she was some highly evolved spiritual being? And we came to the conclusion that she did so because that’s what she thought we were. She wanted to impress us because she thought we are important people and she desired to look good in our eyes. So, as we said, we smiled and nodded and congratulated her on her success and acted very impressed, all while silently giving her an elven blessing from our hearts. For our goal is ever to encourage individuals toward enlightenment and while she may not be as evolved as much as she pretended to be, we are also surely far less evolved than she supposed. Her bragging about herself was actually a compliment to us and we found we could but encourage her on path.

"We elfin always approach life with a certain humility for we have discovered that it is a lesson life teaches whether one wishes to learn it or not.
—From Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful post. I feel this is true of multiple aspects of life as well. For anything great one does, what is the need to show off to others? Perhaps it is because he/she wants to believe that she or he is doing something wonderful when perhaps 'hir' heart is not fully into that act of kindness. In other words, they are convincing themselves!


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