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Are All Elves White?

"... it should be clear that elves would not be strictly of a particular
body type, hair or eye color or skin tone."

     Because the Scythians, from whom most Western tales of elves seem to originate and to whom most elven ancestries may be traced in Western history, had pale white skin (came from the Caucasus region and thus were Caucasian), red hair and green eyes, some folks seem to think that all elves must share these features to be elven. Naturally, those who believe this are either writers who are seeking to define elves for their fiction or individuals who have red hair and green eyes and pale skin who wish to use this to prove they are of elven blood in a world that is skeptical that anyone can be elven.
     However, if we follow the work of Laurence Gardner (The Realms of the Ring Lords) and Nicholas de Vere (The Dragon Legacy), we are informed that the Scythians had tribal marriages and connections both to the Semitic peoples, thus Jesus is seen by them as being of the royal elven bloodline, and the Egyptians, as well as others; and thus it should be clear that elves would not be strictly of a particular body type, hair or eye color or skin tone.
     Of course, some might argue that these other elven are not pure elven but that argument, of racial purity, which is used so often by various racists and intolerants everywhere to attempt to dignify their lunatic and hateful beliefs, holds no sway with the truly elven. We embrace our kin whatever their genetic heritage.
     And we should remember that this idea of racial purity is really, for the most part, a relatively recent one and arises more from the national idea of race than the modern one of physical characteristics. This is to say that in the past when speaking of race, people spoke of the German Race, the Japanese Race, the English Race, etc. and they are not speaking entirely of Caucasian, Asian, etc. which is a broader and more modern view.

      If we look further we also find traces of elven peoples and civilizations in ancient history throughout all the world including: the menehune of Hawaii; Danavas, Gandharvas, Apsaras of India; and the Ainu of Japan.
      And it is important to remember that in the past that for many tribal folk, being or becoming a member of the tribe could occur in numerous ways. One could be born into the tribe. One could marry into the tribe and one could be initiated into the tribe. All made one a full member of the tribe.
     We elves, in this way, are thus a more tribal oriented folk. One can be born of the genetic line of Elfin, one can marry into the tribe, by which we mean become apart of us because of friendship and love, and one can be initiated into the tribe, which is to say love the elven and all things of Faerie so much that one is elven whatever body or genetic line one has chosen to be born within.
     In the long run, however, the only true indication of who is and isn’t elven is in the way they lead their lives. Do they follow the elven way? Then they are elven. It’s that simple.

Eli Fein Le (We love you),
The Silver Elves

“We call it The Elven Way but we could call it the Faerie Way, the Fair Way, the Way of the Fae, the Way of the Shining Ones, or even the Way that begins in your Dreams and ends in the Life Magical.”
—from Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves

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"Elfin, Faerie, Elfland or the Sacred Realm or Dimension of Magic that lives at the heart of the Universe, is an incredibly attractive power. It draws all true souls to it. It calls to the Elfin nature in each and every soul. This is the power that arouses the imagination of those who see or read the Lord of the Rings and say, I’m an Elf or I’m a Dwarf, or even I’m an Orc. The power calls to us through Urban Fantasy stories and the fantasy novels of old, as well as, faery tales and movies of magic and enchantment. But it also calls to us from the trees, the wild places of Nature, and sometimes most of all from magic memories of our childhood, which is really our ancient past, our past incarnations, calling to us. It can also be aroused, and quite strongly, perhaps most strongly, by others of our kind manifesting in the world. There is something magical about these beings and they arouse our own hunger for magic in our own lives and souls. These Elfae radiate starlight. They glimmer with love, kindness and compassion; and they reach out and touch our souls. Some might suppose this to be a glamor, a magic they have wrapped thems’elves within to enchant us; but while they are truly enchanting, the magic arises from the fact that they are genuine and real. They don’t need to glamor us. They just need to be their very own s’elves, for that is the most impressive magic of all. They are not trying, they are simply being: being thems’elves, being elves."
—Excerpt from page 26 of Through The Mists of Faerie by The Silver Elves.

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