Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Do Elves Age Less Quickly Than Normal Humans?

"...in our own experience we have noticed that elves do tend to appear younger
than those who are not elfin who are our contemporaries."

     This is a popular idea with writers and with those of us who are elven as well. We’d certainly like to think that this is true, and many elves, particularly when they are very young, seem to accept this idea. Alas, there is no genetic evidence that this is so, however, in our own experience we have noticed that elves do tend to appear younger than those who are not elfin who are our contemporaries.
     If this is a genetic propensity, we don’t really know. And as we said we have no evidence that this is so, we merely have our own experience and observation and we are inclined to think that this is less of a matter of genetics and pure material manifestation and more of a matter of spirit and soulful development. However, if yours is a strictly materialistic view of Life and the Universe than it cannot help but be a matter of genetics, just as our propensity toward and love of all things elven would thus be genetic. We call ours’elves elves, therefore, because we are genetically programmed to do so.
     The idea that is often put forth that one is only as young as they feel, think, act, etc. does have an effect upon the elves. Not only do we often tend toward healthier lives, thus more attention to our diets and to exercise and taking care ours’elves in general, but we also tend to be less stressed than many of the folks about us. This is not to say that we never experience stress, but we know individuals, far too many individuals, who are not elfin for whom stress and anger and frustration are not an occasional occurrence but a life habit. They are always upset about every little thing that goes wrong in their lives and things always seem to be going wrong.
     It is not that we elves don’t age; clearly, or perhaps unfortunately, we do. Like most folks, we’d rather not. However, the idea of aging stresses us far less than it does most folks (and stress leads to aging). While so many others we have encountered are ever complaining about getting old, we’re still smiling and that smile, more than anything, makes us seem much younger than we appear to be.

The Silver Elves

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