Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Do Elves Hate Dwarves?

"There is nothing that necessitates that elves and dwarves
have to be in competition and conflict."

     Some people get the idea from reading Tolkien and viewing the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies that there is some eternal conflict between elves and dwarves. This is not entirely dissimilar to the idea that some people have that cats and dogs are eternally in conflict. But the truth is cats can get along with dogs and vice versa and cats may fight with cats or dogs with dogs. There is nothing that necessitates that elves and dwarves have to be in competition and conflict. It is a convenient dramatic aspect for fiction but it is not really a fact of reality. Elves are not inclined to hate anyone actually.
     However, it should be noted that the conflict between the elves and dwarves in Tolkien’s works is based primarily on two factors and that is that the dwarves cut down the trees merely for their own convenience and that they care more for jewels and riches than for the mountains where they find them. In other words, in Tolkien’s world dwarves tend to put material value and wealth above the beauty and preservation of Nature. And in as far as that goes, it would be true that we elves love the trees and hate to see them unnecessarily cut down. We mourn the loss of the forest and jungles and we weep to see the mountains torn down to provide wealth for those who are already wealthy and to provide energy that can be provided in other and less destructive ways.
     In as far as any particular dwarf or orc or goblin or any other being destroys the environment merely for profit and fights the development of renewable resources then, yes, most elves would be in conflict with them. Not necessarily actively, but we surely disagree with their activities and their motives. But it is not them as individuals really that we are in conflict with but the ignorance that propels them to do such things. Still, we must admit that they also tend to ignore reason, ignore facts, deny science, promoting what they call alternate facts, and simply refuse to consider that what they are doing is destructive to the Earth and eventually to all of us upon it. And those things, such obstinate and determined greed, we are ever in conflict with.

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