Friday, August 4, 2017

Do Elves Have Enhanced Senses?

 "...we are beings of the Nether realms, with inner senses of perception
that most don’t even realize exist."
There are some folks, particular writers of stories containing elves, but also some of their readers who would like to think that we elves have keener senses than most other folks do. And, in a sense, we agree with them, although they are inclined to attribute these superior sensory abilities (as they do to so much else about the elven) as an aspect of our genetic lineage. We, for the most part, find that we disagree with that assessment since we attribute elfin primarily to spiritual values, qualities of character, soul and magic rather than to physical aspects of being.
     In our experience, if we have heightened abilities of a sensory nature, greater intuition, keener eyesight in some cases, increased hearing abilities, and other things, it is because we have on the one hand paid attention to these things, valuing them more than many others do and on the other hand because we don’t have a tendency to engage in those things that dull the senses as so many folks do.
     Most elves don’t smoke cigarettes (or if we do we give them up in time) thus our sense of tastes is mostly unimpaired. We don’t drink alcohol to extremes, or not very often, and thus most of our other senses are intact. And we tend to spend as much time as possible in nature, listening to the birds and the whispers of the tree and brook spirits, opening our senses in the now. We are lovers of the light that radiates from all things and these are the energies upon which we concentrate our awareness and hold of highest value.
     It is said that a blind person will develop hir (his/her) other senses to make up for the loss of hir sight and just in this way do the elves, by paying attention to our senses, instead of paying attention to most of the senseless gibberish of the world, use our own senses to their fullest extent. This is not an effect of genetic lineage, although we are not denying the possibility that some elves may have certain senses that are superior to others, including other elves, but that it is our actions and our behavior through life that mostly affects what we are and what we become. Nature (genetics) is but one part of the picture. Nurture (our environment and the way we’ve been raised/reared or as we elves say sometimes "blossomed") is another aspect to consider. But we elves have added another factor to the Nature/Nurture debate and that is the magical aspect, our choice to follow a particular lifestyle, which for us is the Elven Way (see our book of that title) and we might call this Nether for we are beings of the Nether realms with inner senses of perception that most don’t even realize exist, born of our choice to be our own unique s’elves.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),

The Silver Elves
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