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Is There Anything That All Elves Have In Common?

"Describing Elves is like describing the shimmering hues of a rainbow."
 —from Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves
Photo is one we took while on The Big Island
at the "faery pond" near Black Sand Beach.

      The thing that elves have in common is our love of all things elven. Beyond that, and a propensity to do and be interested in magic in various forms, particularly in enchantment, which is the chief magic of the elves, what we have most in common is that we are nearly all of us eccentrics in some way. Thus what we have in common is our differences.
     This can be somewhat frustrating for those who are eager to define us in more precise ways and particularly frustrating for those newly awakened elven who wish to have some sort of guideline to base their elven nature upon. But really, what they need to base their exploration into Elfin most upon is their own s’elves, their own love of Elfin and their individual nature without projecting that nature necessarily upon every other elf.
     It is understandable, of course, that those who feel a kinship to elves and Elfin wish some guidance in the quest of their true natures, particular since the world is ever trying to tell them to be something else, something acceptable to the masses and the masters. But, alas, all we can really tell them is to be true to their s’elves, to be tolerant of others, and most of all to be the best elves they can be as best they are able to understand it their own s’elves and thus to be ever ready to change and evolve, to adapt and develop their s’elves in this never ending quest toward ‘elf realization.
     A lot of awakening elves get their ideas of the nature of the Elven from Tolkien and surely he is a good source for while he didn’t understand us entirely, he did give us some very advanced and wise models of elfin being. Not perfect beings, surely, but often advanced spiritual beings whose nature is a good thing to aspire toward.
     And numerous folks attain their ideas of elvishness from the ancient lore, either directly or through modern works of fiction based upon these works. Always, they will be drawn to what appeals to their own natures and this is natural and, in its way, wise as long as one doesn’t assume, as unfortunately some do, that the way they understand elves to be is the way all elves are or must be. That will never work out because elves are not only incredibly diverse but also ever diversifying. As our numbers grow, as more and more individuals awaken to their elven natures, the more myriad shall our people be. But if we don’t exercise and promote mutual tolerance of all save that which is intolerant, then we have surely lost our way and will wander out of Elfin and back into that world that is so eager to judge everyone by its own standards and seeks to pressure each and everyone to conform.
     We are elves and although we honor our ancestors, we are not bound by the past. And while we find much in the world amazing and the works of modern writers who speak of us sometimes fascinating, we are ever creating our own styles. We are neither parrots nor cuckoo birds. We are the flocks of Elfin and we each have our own song that we sing in harmony together. 

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"Some folks believe we are born elven, that elfin magic is in our blood, but we elves think it is greater yet when it is in our souls and spirits, for our material bloods will fade and our blood drain away, but our energetic bodies of light are immortal and will persist forever." 
—The Silver Elves

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Faerie never lets us go
When we’ve been starlight touched
Ever through us it does flow
Easing all we’ve clutched.
All that’s held us to this world
The sorrows and the pains
And every sad desire
Frustrated, from us drains.
But all that we have ever loved
It wraps around us still
Till that loving’s all we know
And we have known our fill.
And then with magic deep and kind
It braids us in its strands
And to its’elf it does us bind
And makes of us its hands.
So we enchant the world with spells
And every soul we’ve passed
The stardust of our crossing tells
Of charms that ever last.
—From An Elven Gameof Rhymes: Book Two of the Magical Poems of Zardoa Silverstar by The Silver Elves

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