Thursday, October 5, 2017

Are Elves "Indigos?"

 "We are the Children of the Age that is Dawning and the Age that is yet to come.
And we are the Children of Magical Ages that have passed long ago."

     We can’t speak for all elves, but we expect that most elves feel a certain kinship with the description of Indigo Children. In fact, most of us were Indigo Children before anyone came up with that term. We also usually relate to being called Star Children, Space Gypsies, and even Freaks when used in a positive fashion. We are the Children of the Earth and Stars, the Moonlight, the Sun light, the radiant trees of Elfin, the Sea Shine and nearly any description of people who are magical in a positive way and surely the unusual and eccentric tends to appeal to us. We are the Ancient Folk, the Wyrd Folk, the glimpsed out of the corner of your eye people.
     We are also quite okay with the idea that we are pixies, fae, brownies, Sidhe and various other otherkin descriptions. Although, Therians as a type of otherkin often see themselves as being different than elves, some of us elven, because of our shapeshifting abilities and our talent for inhabiting animal bodies in our shamanic trance magic, as well as having totem animals, are not beyond thinking of ours’elves as being elves, Aelfar, and Therians as well.
     That’s the thing about we elven. We tend to be very flexible and adaptable and easily relate to any others that we like and are quite adept at seeing ours’elves in others and perceiving the link and connection between us. You could call us Friends, for we surely are to all those who sincerely wish to be friendly, and that would do as well.
     We are the Children of the Age that is Dawning and the Age that is yet to come. And we are the Children of Magical Ages that have passed long ago (see our book Liber Aelph: Words of Guidance from the Silver Elves to Our Magical Children). Ever and always we are the twinkle in your mother’s eye and the sparkle of your father’s smile. We are the spark that ignites when soul mates meet for the first time. We are the laughter of children heard in the distance. The melody that comes from some unseen source in the forest. We are your own true s’elves calling out to you and it really doesn’t matter by what name you call us. It only matters that you know that you are loved and guided and we will greet you when you step into Elfin with our arms wide and a smile upon our faces.
     And it doesn’t really matter what you call us, beloved, as long as you are calling us with love.

The Silver Elves

We are happy to announce the publication of our newest release:
Creating Miracles In the Modern World is a book of Elfin Thaumaturgy, of miracle working and wonder creation, although for these elves we much prefer the idea of wonder working and creation to the idea of miracles. We love wonders. We love creating them; we love encountering them. This simple tome will explore the means by which we may do so. By which we mean not only creating the wondrous but also developing our ability to see and appreciate the wonders that are all around us. These things are tied together. The ability to see wonders promotes the creation of wonders. 
If you would like to read part of Chapter 3, please come here to our website. On our website, we have samples of most of our 40 books on elven philosophy, enchantment and the Elven Way.

What Sort of Elf, Faerie or Other Are You?
For years various kindred have asked us, the Silver Elves, to help them figure this out. Now we've created a questionnaire to help us do so. This is our gift to you. Simply follow the link
and the directions.


  1. When I was much younger I often used a phrase in my poetry, "an alien soul in a world where I don't belong". I've matured since then but and the idea of being Other has matured with me.

    1. Thank you, dear Chris, for your uplifting response. We love that your Other has matured with you, so well said. It seems that the more we work to create the world of Faerie around us, the less alien the world becomes. But then, is that not our purpose, to bring Spirit into Matter and to lift the Veil to make the world a better place for all. Magick is Love is Magick.


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