Sunday, October 1, 2017

Are Elves Hyper-sexual?

 “We have come to take our bodies to give our spirits birth.”

 If anything, we elves may be hyper-sensual. We are very in touch with the sensual, feeling aspects of the world in all its various forms. Thus we tend to be more intuitive than many others, not because they are incapable of being intuitive but because they so often discount their intuitive feelings. What they tend to promote instead is what they call their gut feelings, but more often than not, this has little to do with their true gut feelings and everything to do with their inculcated prejudices and what they call feelings are really mind dominated emotions.
     This is not to say that we are not sexual beings. But then most of humanity and in life in general are sexual beings. What differentiates elves from many others is not our interest in sexuality but our lack of shame in being sexual and our rather open attitude toward sex and nudity. Unlike many other folks, we don’t pretend that we are not interested in sex as they often do, for this pretense of lack of interest leads to perverse desires and behaviors all carried on in secret. This is the case with so many evangelist and politicians and other public figures who pretend they are happily married individuals who never have sex outside of their marriage who then have affairs, consort with prostitutes and have homosexual relationship while pretending to condemn homosexuality. Elves who are homosexual are seldom hiding in the closet, unless their lives depend upon it, they are out there for all to see. This is not to say that all elves are homosexual, surely we are not, or that all elves are hyper-sexual, but that elves are ever free to be what they truly are, and pursue their own interests and desires with mature and consenting others.
As elves in striving to be more enlightened as beings, we are seeking not simply to be more conscious, but more sentient in our consciousness, more feeling aware, more in touch on a feeling level with the all of life. This is, in part, why we have such a compassionate feeling for the trees, the whales and the all of life. We are in the now, alive and feeling, bring our spirit into matter. And this is why we often chant in our magic circles: “We have come to take our bodies to give our spirits birth.”

Ver Aleli Vasadas (In dreams awakening),
The Silver Elves

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