Sunday, October 1, 2017

Do Elves Sweat?

   "... elves for the most part are rather more composed as beings
than many other folks. We don’t sweat the small stuff!"

 An elven sister wrote to us the other day that sHe heard that some people have put forth the idea that elves don’t sweat. We suspect that they believe too that we don’t have some other important bodily functions that are essential to being in a human body. Alas, being able to sweat is a vital part of a healthy body, thus the idea that we don’t sweat is rather counter to the idea that these same people also seem to hold that we elves are healthier than most other folks. If we are truly healthier than others, we’d probably sweat more than they do, not less.
     However, if we remove this idea of not sweating from its essential materialistic view of elfinness and extend it, as we think nearly everything about elven nature should be extended, to a more spiritual, energetic point of view, then we could say and we’d quite agree that elves for the most part are rather more composed as beings than many other folks. We don’t sweat the small stuff! We don’t tend to get frazzled easily as so many others we’ve encountered around us do over every little thing and this may in part be due to the fact that we view life and development from the point of view of the stars. This is to say that we understand that most of what goes on in a particular life is transitory and that we have lifetimes yet to go upon our journey as well as having been on this Quest to manifest Elfin upon the Earth (and surely other planets and dimensions) for many lifetimes already.
     So if that is what they mean in proclaiming that elves sweat less, we guess we’d have to agree with them.

The Silver Elves 

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