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Are All Elves Beautiful?

"What makes the elven beautiful, most often, is that we are mysterious
and exotic by nature."

    Are all elves tall and statuesque?

     Tolkien is partially responsible for this idea that elves are tall, statuesque, all of us looking like fashion models but while this is certainly true of some elves, the traditions of the elves, found in our own and others tales about us, including Tolkien, offer us a variety of elven sorts. We are not sometimes called the wee folk for nothing.
     It is true that like faeries, this idea of making elves small was used by those who wished to diminish us in the popular eye, to make us little, cute and insignificant. However, it is simply too limiting to expect that all elves are tall or even beautiful in a socially acceptable way. We are a varied folk and come in all sizes. And we are in the process of becoming. We are elves and we are becoming ever more elven at the same time, becoming increasingly our true s’elves.
     We, ours’elves, are inclined to think that we are all beautiful, but in saying that we are, more often than not, speaking of a spiritual beauty rather than traditional notions of what is beautiful. Our beauty often comes from our uniqueness. What makes the eleven beautiful, most often, is that we are mysterious and exotic by nature. People sense that we are different than they are and even while that often arouses their superstitions about everything magical and occult, it also often intrigues them. Certainly, this is the case if they thems’elves have a bit of elfin in their own being.
    And it should be noted that we elves tend to see beauty everywhere. We are, for the most part, less critical than many other folks, and much more accepting. We find a smile beautiful whenever it is sincere whoever is wearing it. So if you ask, are all elves beautiful? Then we’d answer: yes, we are! Although, those who are not elven may not agree with us. Certainly, those who judge us by traditional societal values may not do so. But then who are they to decide what is or isn’t elfin. We elves reserve that right — the right to define ours’elves. 

Are all elves thin?
There is an idea that elves are all thin that is put forth in most stories and fairy tales, with an occasional exception (there is an overweight elf, if our memory is not mistaken, in some of the Bordertown novels and short story collections). We are also told by our elven grandson in the Ukraine, Nikolay Lyapanenko (see his recently published book The Elves from Ancient Times to Our Days), that this is a fervent belief of some of the modern Russian elves and we think, for the most part, it is a belief worth fostering in some ways.
     We’ve spoken to this idea elsewhere in some of our books, and our opinion is simply this, that elves, for the most part, tend to be at a weight that is healthy for thems’elves as individuals and that allows them to feel attractive, for we elven very much like being attractive as much as we are able. We are, after all, enchanters.
     Now, it is a fact of the modern world that in many places the diets that are offered us are not exactly conducive to being svelte, no matter how little one may eat. And it is a simple fact that once most individuals get a bit past forty, then gaining weight becomes increasingly easy, so that one needs quite a bit less food to eat. This perhaps is preparing us for a time when we will live as astral and etheric beings and need no sustenance of a material sort at all as Light Beings.
     But this also means that most of us must exercise, watch our weight and diet, and that becoming or remaining thin is a bit of a challenge, but one that these elves have taken on for our own s’elves while passing no judgment upon others. For us, a love of things elfin and an aspiration to following the Elven Way, with a concerted effort to do so are all we require of those we nurture. It is our observation that if one truly wishes to be elven, one will begin to take one’s health and thus one’s weight into careful consideration.
   We may also note that in our experience that Grimlens, those often fanatical and sometimes elven hating beings, also are often thin and hard bodied (while goblins tend toward overweight). Thus being thin is not, in and of itself, a sign that one is an elf. Only the pursuit of The Elven Way, of living one’s life as an elf, is a true indication of elfinness and that, by its nature will incline one to be the best one can be on every level of manifestation.  

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