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Once an Awakened Elf Are You Always an Awakened Elf?

"There are a number of reasons individual elves leave their elven identity
and take on different explorations of self."

     We say no not necessarily, and yes in one’s soul. An elven awakening is an awakening to one’s true inner nature and the essence of whom we are. It is a departure from our preconceived ideas of ourselves that we have learned from external authorities (like parents, teachers, religion), as we made our way living and surviving in this mundane world. But elves have many varying degrees of elven awakening that can come at any age and it may be subdued at any time to pursue other paths. It all depends on what the elven soul needs in this lifetime at a particular time. Yet, we feel sure that one’s elven nature is always within one’s soul, always guiding each elf on some level, and we certainly always will love and bless our elven brothers and sisters, even many years after they have departed our company for other pursuits.
     For over 40 years now, we have been awakened to being elves, real elves, living the elven way, and expressing in the world our elven identity. In all that time, we have seen many individual elves and even groups of elves come and go in the elven movement, as many give up their elven identity. There are a number of reasons individual elves leave their elven identity and take on different explorations of self. Often, it is just a natural course of development in that many people embrace being an elf at an early age and even though their elven soul is deeply touched, they still need to explore and discover what else is in the world, and this can be difficult without trying on new costumes, customs and traditions that may even encourage one to leave the elven identity at home. This pressure can be very difficult for some elves and it depends on the true needs of the elf as to whether sHe will hide or even give up hir elven identity to join in with these other groups.
     Of course, elves are always exploring new ways and ideas and we elves love to participate in a variety of gatherings of people united for peace and love and creativity, so this exploration does not always mean the elf will give up hir identity as an elf. For at any age that an elf is awakened, a soulful energy is released within us and then we may see spiritual groups that we have never thought of embracing before as enticing and beautiful. These elves, Zardoa and Silver Flame, have enjoyed the company of many New Age, Occult, and Pagan groups both before and after our elven awakening, and this is so still today. In many ways, an elven awakening makes one more likely to join into other spiritual groups and explore the beautiful world we live in, and one certainly does not have to give up their elven identity while doing this.
     But we have seen that some elves find that there is just not enough acceptance and support from others for being an elf. They are often encouraged and happy to join other more traditional and established groups like the Pagan community or New Age Groups, which sometimes (although certainly not always) marginalizes their elven identity. Others find that being an elf just does not support their worldly ambitions, as there is no money and little fame or even worldly acceptance in “Being an Elf” (Unless you are in the movies as an elf character; we all love Legolas.). Being a real elf is not a popular identity in this modern world (even though many like role playing games and assuming a gaming identity as an elf). We have known many brothers and sisters to have their dreams of creating an elf haven and efforts toward it just not “pan out,” sometimes after attempting such a goal for several years, and so they go on to other ambitions and identities. We understand, as it is hard to stay on a path that has more intrinsic rewards than extrinsic ones. We understand all of these reasons for treading other paths and are always happy for our kin when they are happy with their new lives, new friends and new families.
     That being said, we do have a few elven kin who we have known for many years, even decades, that have stayed with us on the elven path all this while, proclaiming their elven identity and looking to the Shining Ones for guidance and soulful embraces. To you, dear starry brothers and sisters, we say thank you for joining us and thank you for being so Awakened so long to your elven nature and for your commitment to bringing Elfland into manifestation. May the Shining Ones bless you and all elves.

The Silver Elves

"The Elven character is a curious mixture of contradictions, paradoxes and dichotomies that have evolved into trinities."
—The Silver Elves

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