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Is Christianity Incompatible with Being Elves?

"We have simply noted and experienced that being elven
transcends any particular religion."

One might think so if one went by many old faerie stories in which elfin folk are repelled by and unable to enter churches or holy ground. This is not really different from the idea that our Unseelie vampire cousins cannot abide crosses or holy water. This is old propaganda but totally inaccurate.
     According the Laurence Gardner in his Grail series and Nicholas de Vere in his Dragon Legacy, Jesus is from the royal elven bloodline and the original formulation of Christianity was much closer to the Elven Path. The Catholic Church, according to these two authors, perverted the faith and in doing so set itself against elven for over a thousand years (de Vere calls this the Elven Holocaust), for the elves were and are the true guardians of the light.
     For our own part, we have simply noted and experienced that being elven transcends any particular religion, which is to say that those who are attracted to the Elven Way come from a variety of religions and cultures. There are elves who have come from the Christian faith and some that still practice or at least believe in its basic tenets. There are elves who tell us they are Muslim. Elves have no problem with anyone’s faith as long as they don’t attempt to force it upon us. We don’t care what you believe, only what you do, particularly in relationship to us, but in terms of the whole planet as well. And probably most religions, while not actually believing in our existence, don’t really have a difficulty with the elves.
     There are, however, fanatics of various faiths and they, by their natures, are incompatible with everyone else and every other belief and it is unlikely, in fact, near impossible for one to hold such fanatical beliefs to believe one is an elf. It is even harder to embrace such beliefs and be an elf. But then, the Universe constantly amazes us. It is, after all, a most miraculous and amazing place.

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves

Realities of Elfin: "Some Christians may not approve of us,
but there is no doubt in our minds that Jesus does."

—From Elf Quotes:
A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves About Magic and The Elven Way 

Elf Quotes:
A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves About Magic and The Elven Way

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