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Are We Born Elves?

"We are elves because we choose to be elves and we choose to be elves because of who we are, because Elfin calls to us, because, quite often, we have been pursuing this path in various forms from one lifetime to another."

Are We Born to Be Elves?

      The answer is yes, but not in the way that many folks would think. This question is similar to the one about being genetically elven, and as we’ve said (see our article on our Wordpress Silver Elves Blog site titled "Is Being An Elf a Matter of Blood of Genetic Heritage?"), while some folks may be descendants of those upon whom the tales of elves are often based, not everyone from that genetic line chooses to pursue the Elven Way (in fact very few do) and not all those who pursue the Path of the Elfin are from that genetic heritage nor need to be.
     But the question: are we born elves? is really a slightly different question. And we say yes, we are born elves not because of our genetic heritage but due to our spiritual heritage. We are elves because we choose to be elves and we choose to be elves because of who we are, because Elfin calls to us, because, quite often, we have been pursuing this path in various forms from one lifetime to another. We may not have called ours’elves elves. We may have called ours’elves star children or some other name but the reality of our being is the same.
     And it doesn’t matter what our ancestors believed or how they acted as individuals. It doesn’t matter if they thought themselves elves or not, or even bothered to even consider the idea. What matters is that it calls to our own hearts and minds. And why does it do so? Because we are elves. Because this is what moves us, brings us joy, enlightens our minds, awakens our spirits and nurtures our souls. We were born to be elven and we sing the praises of the Divine Magic, of the stars of Elfin that this is so.
     Our elven ancestors may or may not have been our genetic ancestors but they are most assuredly our spiritual ancestors and in the realms of Elfin, those wondrous realms of spirit and magic, this is what really matters.

So if elves are born elven, are orcs born to be orcs as well?
      We must say that the answer to this question is both yes and no. If we consider orcs, goblins and grimlens from the point of view that is expressed in so many stories that these individuals often seek to foster wickedness in the world, then we’d have to say no, they were not born to do so. Rather they are raised or reared (and we do mean reared and beaten) to do so. Just as abusers have often been abused as individuals, so do some individuals become orc-like, or goblin-like, or grimlen-like because of the abuse they’re suffered or the way they have been reared/abused.
     Certainly, this was Tolkien’s opinion when he stated that orcs were elves that had been tortured until they became orcs. And surely and unfortunately this is the fate of far too many innocent children who would grow up to be quite lovely and loving (elfin) beings if it weren’t for the fact that they are brutalized by their parents or others, by the often cruel nature of the world as some folks have created it and insist upon it being. They are raised by those who are always trying to toughen them up for the harsh world they will encounter as they grow up.
     And surely there is some karmic link or lesson that is involved with this as well. We choose our incarnation although some individuals are so desperate to be reborn they don’t bother to read the fine print, so to speak, of the body and life they choose. But what we need ask ours’elves is if orcs, grimlens and goblins have to be the cruel and wicked to be orcs and so forth. Do you have to be evil or part of a conspiracy to take over the world and force your beliefs on others to be a grimlen? Is there no positive outlet for the orc?
Can a person be a good person, and intelligent, educated and kind individual and still be an orc? Well, really that is for the orcs, goblins and grimlens to decide for their own selves. It is not our place as elves to define what it means to be an orc or any other kind of being. We are doing well in attempting to define our own s’elves and live up to those definitions. And we certainly are not inclined to allow others to decide for us what constitutes our elven nature. We elfin, for our part, believe in the possibility, even the inevitability of evolutionary development and trust that someday orcs, grimlens, goblins and other Unseelie will be our friends as well as being, as they are, our fae cousins. That is surely our hope for them and for the world.

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