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What Oracles Do Elves Use? Part 6: More Original Silver Elves Oracles

"...there are also books that can be used for oracles
that are not necessarily oracle books."

     As we’ve said elsewhere, these elves love all sorts of oracles, and we think among those who enjoy doing or having oracles done, that this is probably true for most folks. Certainly, there will be those who prefer this oracle to that, and those who have their preferred means of doing or receiving oracles. But we expect, without having done a scientific study to see if this is so, that most of us are intrigued by a variety of forms of divination. These elves, for our own part, are very fond the Tarot and the I Ching, but love to learn and see other techniques done. We’ve even known elves to use Bibliomancy, which is opening a book at random and letting one’s finger fall on a sentence or word. We’ve surely done this ours’elves just for the fun of it.
     But there are also books that can be used for oracles that are not necessarily oracle books. One of these, for instance, is our An Elfin Book of Spirits, which is designed for conjurors so we might call spirits to aid (and abet) us. One might, if one so chose, go through the book and find the spirit that is right for the magical task one has in mind. However, these elves like to use a divination system, which we explain in that book, and toss stones to see which spirit we get at random. Then if we get a spirit that especially suits our quest we take it as a very good sign. Although, sometimes we get a spirit whose expertise seems totally different than the task we have in mind. We still assume this is the right spirit for the job, but we are then called to reflect upon why that particular spirit would be so. It challenges our imaginations the same way a dream or a surprising response from the Tarot might do so and we love puzzling out dreams.
     Another of this sort of oracle is our Elven Book of Dreams that is designed to help elves understand thems’elves and others by associating the degree of the Sun sign, the Moon, Jupiter or any other planetary body or aspect of one’s horoscope and getting a response about it that illuminates the individual’s nature and hir evolutionary path. But this can also be used, utilizing the same set of stones that we use for randomly drawing spirits, to obtain an oracle. This book, simultaneously, has spell chants that can be used to help one achieve one’s goals.
     And similar, in certain ways, is our book The Shining Ones, that is designed to help one find the Shining One, the angelic elven spirit that guides one, much in a way of a guardian angel, and overlooks one’s life course and development, according to one’s birthday. One could, in fact, pick any date or day of the year, say the date one is getting married or starting a business or job, etc., and find what Shining One rules that date and in that way also obtain a sort of oracle for one’s quest.
     We could say using these books in this way is a sort of Bibliomancy. Only instead of opening the book at random (although you could still do so) one uses stones or in the case of the Shining Ones, picks a date that is relevant to one’s quest or spiritual evolution. As Aleister Crowley pointed out in his book Magick Without Tears, the whole Universe is like a book that we can read, seeing the omens and oracles and hidden meanings that exist all around us. We just need to learn the methods for reading this most wondrous and esoteric of languages, the Language of the Universe, the Chant of the Stars, and the Song of Elfin.

Ver Aleli Vasadas (In dreams awakening),
The Silver Elves
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"Ancient Elven Knowledge About the Shining Ones: From our birth to our death, they guide us and every choice we make is another lesson of life and magic. From our death to our birth, they carry us, like a wave washing us to shore and a new incarnation."
—from Elf Quotes by The Silver Elves

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