Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What Do the Silver Elves Think of People Who Wear Fake Wings to be Like Faeries?

"We think people going around wearing faerie wings is wonderful....
These elves do a variation of this —
what we might call nouveau magic or elfin attire..."

     First, let us say. “We love it.” To us, wearing faery wings about is not much different than someone wearing the traditional dress of their particular people and culture. These individuals are declaring their attachment to their culture and honoring it thereby. So, too, those who wear faerie wings are merely declaring to the world their faerie nature.
      We think people going around wearing faerie wings is wonderful. We are delighted every time that we encounter this phenomena. We also love it when individuals go about dressed as wizards or witches or whatever pleases and tickles their fancy. These elves do a variation of this — what we might call nouveau magic or elfin attire, which is to wear magical attire adapted to modern styles and vice versa.
     We are aware than certain individuals who are seen as authorities in the field of Fairy Faith lore hold the opinion that wearing faerie wings is a bit frivolous and doesn’t take seriously the profound nature of our relationship with the Faerie Realms. We disagree. We, on the other hand, don’t present ours’elves as authorities in this field. We are elves and our opinion is from the point of view of these elves, and not necessarily all elves, but it seems to us that interacting with our realms with the seriousness that most folks hold while going to church (or pretend they are feeling), while surely is a respectful thing to do, is not entirely necessary or even to be desired when relating to the Realms of Faerie and Elfin. So being a bit less serious and enjoying ones'elf with the feel of wings upon ones back or other costume accessories, is quite desirable among the Other Realms.
     While, like all people we appreciate being treated with courtesy and respect, in fact those who don’t do so often have cause to regret it, we do not see ours’elves in such a serious light that we expect or demand that people treat us like holy people. In as much as people can be holy, we are no more or less holy potentially than anyone else. And for us, one of the things that we’ve noticed about those individuals that we consider to be holy, is their compassion and their sense of humor.
     As far as we are concerned those who wear their faerie wings out and about are not being frivolous but being quite courageous. And we elves, like almost all people, greatly admire courage. We often wish that we were as courageous as they are. They inspire us and we are encouraged by them.

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on a moonlit night),
The Silver Elves
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"Modern elves put on pointed ears and faeries don wings in the same way some folks wear flag pins or team shirts or hats, we are declaring our love and allegiance." 
The Silver Elves

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Are You A Faerie? . . . . . .

Are you a faerie?
I know me some
Gathering at dusk
After deeds have been done.
Beautiful faces, charming and sweet
Kind in a way that one seldom meets.
Their eyes all a twinkle
They give me a wink
I blush at the thoughts
They cause me to think.
I know some faeries
Playful and fun
It got me to wondering
If you might be one?
—From Caressed by an Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar by The Silver Elves

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"Faerie is like a mirror, 
it reflects the nature of our spirit back to us 
so we may see ours'elves in a new light and 
stand amazed to be so different 
and yet still the same."
—The Silver Elves

Touch this Star, dear Kindred, for an Elven Blessing!

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