Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What Oracles Do Elves Use? Part 5: The Elven Star Oracle

"...born of our own magic and culture....we created The Elven Star Oracle:
A System of Divination for Star Enchanters...
based upon the seven pointed Elven Star"

      We, like many, perhaps most elves, love oracles and divination. We love doing them. We love experiencing them. And we even love puzzling out their meanings when the answer we have gotten to a question is truly esoteric and mysterious. They stretch our minds and imaginations. Tarot cards and the I Ching are surely our favorites and while we have a passing acquaintance with palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, it has never really intrigued us as much as the Tarot has, although like the use of cards for fortune telling, we began doing palmistry at a very early age. And unlike the tarot or other oracles, it doesn’t require one to carry around a deck. Thus we have been at parties or other gatherings and read someone’s palm on a moment’s notice.
     Because of our elven nature, and the fact that much, perhaps most of what applies to our elven culture has been lost through the ages of persecution by more dominant and dominating cultures, we have taken the tarot, runes, I Ching and other oracles and made them our own. Giving them our own interpretations with a more elven, and often in some cases, a more magical slant. And in some cases, as for instance the I Ching, we've removed the patriarchal bias that is part of their traditional formulation and is just not a part of elven culture. Our culture is based principally upon equality, but if we did have a tendency, it would be more toward a matriarchy than a patriarchy. But the strict division of male and female that have been so much a part of the cultures of man is not really a part of the elven culture and those who make it seem so are merely drawing us closer to the cultures of mankind and others and away from the true nature of Elfin. We don’t deny them their right to do so, if that is their choice, but choice is always the primary aspect of our elven life.
     There are, of course, elven tarot decks in the world today in as much as having pictures of elves or faeries or gnomes on a deck makes it elven or elfin. But most of these, like most actual decks overall, are just versions and variations of the Waite-Rider deck, and have nothing particularly elven nor even in many cases inspiring about them. Still, they can be fun and in as much as they remind us of Elfin, our elven culture and our elvish kindred, they can be quite helpful and interesting. And while these elves may not find a particular deck interesting, it is quite possible that some other elf will gain greatly from it. We don’t presume that our tastes are universally held, even among elves.
     And while our elven runes and our version of the I Ching are quite useful to us, and a great addition to any divination session, we still hungered for an oracle that was uniquely elven. Something that was completely our own, born of our own magic and culture. Thus we created The Elven Star Oracle: A System of Divination for Star Enchanters that utilizes a board that one creates (or could even draw in the sand in times of need) and that one throws stones upon (instructions for making and using the board as well as an illustration of the board and stones is included in the book). The Elven Star Oracle is our original divinatory system invoking the 88 major constellations and the blessings of the Shining Ones for guiding one through the world and ever closer to the realization of Faerie. It is called The Elven Star Oracle because it is based upon the seven pointed Elven Star, sometimes called the Faery Star, and the areas between the points, overlaid on the dimensional manifestation of Faerie and the realms that are linked to it.
     It could surely be used as one’s primary oracle, particularly when communicating with or about the Elfin and Faerie realms, although we are still inclined to use the tarot in various forms and the I Ching as our primary source of divination and to supplement them with our Runes and Star Oracle, as well as others. Doing so gives us a more complete picture and a more thorough answer and this is particularly true when the answer we first received was somewhat puzzling.
     Rather than simply doing the oracle over again with the same deck or doing the I Ching again immediately concerning the same question (something that we’ve found with the I Ching to be particularly ill advised because the answers will just get more and more painful to hear) we use these our Elven Runes and Star Oracle to give us a fuller picture, while not contradicting the original oracle we received. It is in this way our means of simply asking the oracles to say more and give a fuller picture, a more in depth explanation. Still, in the end, it is always we elfin ours’elves who must interpret the answers given according to our own experience and understanding and there is simply no way to get around this, nor would we wish to do so really.

The Silver Elves

To read more information about this original elven oracle and to read a sample oracle from The Elven Star Oracle, we suggest that you visit our The Silver Elves website here.  

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