Saturday, September 9, 2017

What's the Elfin View on Wearing Fur?

"... Zardoa holding a cane he made for Lupa, our sister who explores
being a wolf therianthrope in her book Otherkin,
and this cane is adorned with a scrap of fur that we had found
left on a free table at the swap meet and had held onto 

for about seven years awaiting just such a fitting magic."

     Those who are opposed to the wearing of fur and those who are strict vegetarian in our experience are often of the same disposition. And while we cannot speak for all elves, since no one can speak for all elves, we being, all of us, different and individual, these elves are against the slaughter of animals for their fur as we are, for the most part, against eating them when it is not necessary to do so. It just seems ignorant and wrong to us.
     However, we understand that in the past and perhaps in some places in the present, one had to kill animals and wear their fur to survive in harsh conditions. But wearing it as a fashion statement in a world wear one doesn’t need to kill to live or need fur to stay warm is rather callous in our opinion and wears upon one’s soul, making one less sensitive and aware.
     Yet, like most things concerning elves, we make exceptions. While we don’t buy fur to wear, we have to admit that no one as yet as far as we know has come up with a faux fur that is anywhere as cool as real fur is. And so sometimes these elves do wear fur, fur that we have obtained at flea markets and as is stores, sometimes just left on the table at the end of the day and thrown away at a swap meet. Now, that really seems sacrilegious to us, to buy the fur of some poor animal raised for slaughter and then, when it was a little worn, or no longer in fashion to just discard it. We feel a certain responsibility to honor these animals under these circumstances by wearing their fur. In many cases, we just hold onto the fur for years until we can incorporate it into some elfin costume or magical art we are making. The photo at the beginning of this article shows Zardoa holding a cane he made for Lupa, our sister who explores being a wolf therianthrope in her book Otherkin, and this cane is adorned with a scrap of fur we had found left on a free table at the swap meet and held onto for about seven years awaiting just such a fitting magic. Now, we know that there will be those who will disagree with us for doing this and that is their privilege, just as they will disagree with the fact that we will eat meat if our host offers it to us.
     Dr. Timothy Leary observed that in the years he spent living in the commune at Millbrook, the only violence that ever occurred was when some vegetarians beat up a guy for cooking a steak. We, for our own part, haven’t seen vegetarians beating anyone up for eating meat, but we did have this friend on Facebook, who un-friended us because we posted a photo of some pagan musical group wearing fur. It could have been faux fur as far as we know. It was hard to tell from a photo on the internet. But this individual got totally angry with us for posting it. It wasn’t even us wearing fur. (Eventually, after a few months, this individual requested to be our friend again, and of course, we were happy to allow this.) But to the minds of these elves, fanaticism is an even greater problem in the world than the unnecessary killing of animals for food or fur. We can understand how some folks wish to be very strict about these things for their own s’elves, but a certain tolerance for others seems in order. Otherwise, how can we have any influence on others who disagree with us if we don’t at least try to understand their point of view, even if it doesn’t always make sense? The fact is, you can’t force people to change, at least not in any positive fashion.
     There are those following Ancient Wisdom Traditions who proclaim that man is still working out his overall fear of animals left over from ancient days when they were dragged out of their dwellings and eaten by wild animals. It is thought that mankind will one day relax this inner fear that separates them from the animal kingdom and live more harmoniously with all animals; and at that point, meat eating and killing for fur will be a thing of the past. From an elven point of view this makes sense as we know humanity is evolving toward elfinness and this takes time. We elfin are beings of starlight and we believe that in our most evolved s'elves we are most nourished feeding off light and loving all living beings.

The Silver Elves

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