Monday, September 11, 2017

What Do The Silver Elves Think of Reiki? A True Elven Tale About Our Reiki Initiations!

Touch the Elven Star above for a Blessing!

" the end we became fascinated with Reiki and began using it in our
own healing practice and now do so daily sending out energy
to our kindred ... blessing and awakening the elfin and
all who are open to a better, more magical life."

     We elves, for the most part, particularly these elves, are interested in everything having to do with everything we are interested in. Since magic and healing are two disciplines of especial interest to these elves, it is only natural that we encountered Reiki as we went about our magical workings.
     Curiously, this has come about almost entirely without us pursuing it in anyway. We had heard of Reiki and knew of other elves who practiced it, but we simply hadn’t gotten around to actually exploring it ours’elves. Then, about thirty years ago, one of our sisters, whom we were visiting at the time, was in some of her early levels of Reiki Mastery and wanted to give us first level Reiki initiation. We agreed merely to be of service to her. It seemed important to her and we didn’t really care one way or the other, so we acquiesced and she initiated us.
     However, we didn’t do anything with it or explore it any further at the time. But, ten years later, a friend of our son’s came over one time and she was also developing into being a Reiki Master and wanted to initiate us. So again, we agreed, but also again, only because it was important to her in some way. In this case, she gave us first and second-degree initiations. And once again, we accepted it, but did nothing to pursue it any further.
     Another ten years passed by and our elven sister, the one who had initiated us the first time, told us that while she had a third degree initiation and had become a Reiki Master, that she had let her practice slip over time and that she wanted us to become Reiki Masters so we could re-initiate her. Alas, this required that she first give us third degree initiation. So she sent us several books by Diane Stein on the subject that we studied to develop our own skills and when next we visited her, she gave us the third degree initiation and then we turned around and did the same for her.
     This surely was a rather lengthy and roundabout way of learning this art, but in the end we became fascinated with Reiki and began using it in our own healing practice and now do so daily sending out energy to our kindred wherever they may be, blessing and awakening the elfin and all who are open to a better, more magical life.
Elven Blessings, dear Kin!

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (Arvyndase for "In shimmering starlight ever be"),
The Silver Elves

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  1. I also am a Reiki Master and Seichim too. BLESSINGS.

    1. Wonderful! It seems so many of us fae are drawn to Reiki to use in our healing magic. Thank you for coming and commenting and playing with us here on this blog. Elven Blessings!


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